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Review #12. Screenwriting Advice Article!

You are the Box Office Smash: The Personal Screenplay
by Gordy Hoffman

Right this very second, in the heart of every struggling, undiscovered screenwriter, in the dark, hidden corner deep within, there is a voice, a clear whisper, saying one thing:

You're never gonna figure this out.

And this is not referring to the story with its gaping hole, the finale missing a payoff, the hit and miss humor, the flat title.

I'm talking about freedom. The freedom to work as a screenwriter. Compensation for a home for family and a life. The resources to wake up and ply your craft and pay the freight, without obstacle. The chance to see your writing made into pictures, to work with the industry's best, to fulfill this goal of professional screenwriter. Hollywood success.

Behind this voice is the idea that somehow, some way, you'll find the hero, or the hook, logline or pitch that will punch your golden ticket. If you could only figure out what the studio wants, if you can only get a solid bead to this game, you know you can write and execute. What is the script I should write to get an agent? What is the one that will sell? It's not that I don't know how to write, I know how to write screenplays, I just need to know what they want, even though I think I know what they want, but I don't think I have the idea that they want. Yeah.

I'm not gonna figure this out, whispers the voice.

Why this uneasiness? Does it originate within ourselves? I don't think so. But where does it come from? The daily obsession with box office grosses? The news of the seven figure deals to newbies? The endless procession of boneheadedly conceived franchises-in-waiting arriving in the theatres every Friday? People winning Academy Awards for movies you would not be caught dead writing? Recognizing an idea you came up with years ago on your couch, produced with a $130 million budget drowning in CGI?

All these things are but a few of the possible reasons why this seeds unhealthy doubt and confusion in the modern screenwriter. Tracking these forces outside us and beyond our control in an effort to trudge the path to a successful screenwriting career will prove to most to be unproductive and corrosive. Basically, trying to figure out what Hollywood wants will land us in a resentment that makes "giving up" a sane response to the very challenge which used to inspire us. In short, we cannot chase a perceived trend and remember our dreams.

You cannot look at the marketplace and find your voice. You can find ideas, trends, and inspiration there, perhaps, but you can find these things driving in traffic as well. But listening to your voice is the key to creating original, compelling stories.

Your life is your own story. You have a completely unique thread of experience. By allowing yourself to express these emotional experiences, your screenplay, your story, will be different from any other and powerful, as original as your fingerprint.

Why is it powerful? When we have the courage to be specific about what we know about living, we create an authentic world an audience recognizes as the life they are living on planet Earth. This connects your audience to your story. This connection is the foundation of the phenomena of story.

Why does story mean so much to us? We recognize the triumphs and tragedies of our lives, with all the hilarity and tears. By seeing it, we are validated and it underscores meaning and purpose to living.

If we don't use what we've collected in life in our hearts and spirits, then our story loses its authenticity and the connection the audience should make fails. They do not see themselves, and when they leave the theater, they do not call their friends. When people do not call their friends after seeing a movie, the movie bombs.

When a writer opens their person to their work, when they allow themselves to be vulnerable, to risk exposure of the secrets of their life story, they take a huge step towards creating a screenplay of substantial value, a screenplay with a greater potential of a large number of tickets sold.

This is precisely why art and commerce have remained bedfellows for thousands of years. To look at the relationship between art and commerce as adversarial or incompatible is just plain foolish. Art happens when people invest their spirits in their work without fear, and story is artful when the writing is truthful and the writer is authentic.

And what do we have to be honest about? We can only lie about what we know, and we can only tell the truth about what we know. And that is what has happened to us, our life story. This is what we share.

This is not a pitch to write "what you know." This is not about writing stories about where you work or where you live. This is about writing about what you felt. You can imagine characters and worlds and actions and speech you've never personally experienced, but if you remember to infuse your choices with your emotional and spiritual struggles and victories as a human being, your screenplay will be different in the very best sense of the word.

The question you have to answer is not what does Hollywood want today. The question is how honest of a writer do you want to be. I guarantee you can write a blockbuster, you can write a box office hit. This will happen when you find an audience. And the correct path to this crowd of people is listening to yourself. If you practice, you will develop an inner ear for who you are and what you know and you will become masterful in loading your work with your fingerprints. Writing is personal work. You are the guitar. You are the box of paint. Give of that and your audience will remember why life is good and they will talk of you.

About the Author
Winner of the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at the Sundance Film Festival for LOVE LIZA, Gordy Hoffman has written and directed three digital shorts for Fox Searchlight. He made his feature directorial debut with his script, A COAT OF SNOW, which world premiered at the 2005 Locarno Intl Film Festival. A COAT OF SNOW made its North American Premiere at the Arclight in Hollywood, going on to screen at the Milan Film Festival and the historic George Eastman House. Recently, the movie won the 2006 Domani Vision Award at VisionFest, held at the Tribeca Cinemas in NY. A professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Gordy is the founder and judge of BlueCat Screenplay Competition. Dedicated to develop and celebrate the undiscovered screenwriter, BlueCat provides written script analysis on every script entered. In addition, Gordy acts as a script consultant for screenwriters, offering personalized feedback on their scripts through his consultation service, For more articles by Gordy on screenwriting, visit


     This information lists but a few, but from this group of only 18 men received over 70 medals in honor of their valor, spanning from Bronze Stars, Silver Stars, Distinguish Service Cross', Purple Hearts and one Congressional Medal of Honor. Most of these brave men have since passed on.
     Real Hollywood Hero’s
     With the advent of World War II many of our actors went to fight rather than stand and rant against this country we all love.
     They gave up their wealth, position and fame to become service men & women, many as simple "enlisted men." Most of these brave men have since passed on.
     • ALEC GUINNESS (Star Wars, Bridge over the River Kwai) operated a British Royal Navy landing craft on D-Day.
     • DONALD PLEASANCE (The Great Escape) really was an R. A. F. pilot who was shot down, held prisoner and tortured by the Germans.
     • DAVID NIVEN was a Sandhurst graduate and Lt. Colonel of the British Commandos in Normandy.
     • JAMES STEWART Entered the Air Force as a private and worked his way to the rank of Colonel. During World War II, Stewart served as a bomber pilot, his service record crediting him with leading more than 20 missions over Germany, and taking part in hundreds of air strikes during his tour of duty. Stewart earned the Air Medal, the Distinguished Flying Cross, France's Croix de Guerre,and 7 Battle Stars during World War II. In peace time, Stewart continued to be an active member of the Air Force as a reservist, reaching the rank of Brigadier General before retiring in the late 1950's.
     • CLARK GABLE (Mega-Movie Star when war broke out) Although he was beyond the draft age at the time the U.S. entered WW II Clark Gable enlisted as a private in the AAF on Aug. 12, 1942 at Los Angeles. He attended the Officers' Candidate School at Miami Beach, Fla. and graduated as a second lieutenant on Oct. 28, 1942. He then attended aerial gunnery school and in Feb. 1943 he was assigned to the 351st Bomb Group at Polebrook where flew operational missions over Europe in B-17s. Capt. Gable returned to the U.S. in Oct. 1943 and was relieved from active duty as a major on Jun. 12, 1944 at his own request, since he was overage for combat.
     • CHARTON HESTON was an Army Air Corps Sergeant in Kodiak.
     • EARNEST BORGNINE was a U. S. Navy Gunners Mate 1935-1945.
     • CHARLES DURNING was a U. S. Army Ranger at Normandy earning a Silver Star and awarded the Purple Heart.
     • CHARLES BRONSON was a tail gunner in the Army Air Corps, more specifically on B-29s in the 20th Air Force out of Guam, Tinian, and Saipan.
     • GEORGE C.SCOTT was a decorated U. S. Marine.
     • EDDIE ALBERT (Green Acres TV) was awarded a Bronze Star for his heroic action as a U. S. Naval officer aiding Marines at the horrific battle on the island of Tarawa in the Pacific Nov. 1943.
     • BRIAN KEITH served as a U.S. Marine rear gunner in several actions against the Japanese on Rabaul in the Pacific.
     • LEE MARVIN was a U.S. Marine on Saipan during the Marianas campaign when he was wounded earning the Purple Heart.
     • JOHN RUSSELL In 1942, he enlisted in the Marine Corps where he received a battlefield commission and was wounded and highly decorated for valor at Guadalcanal.
     • ROBERT RYAN was a U.S. Marine who served with the OSS in Yugoslavia.
     • TYRONE POWER (an established movie star when Pearl Harbor was bombed) joined the US Marines, was a pilot flying supplies into, and wounded
     Marines out of, Iwo Jima and Okinawa.
     • AUDIE MURPHY A little 5'5" tall 110 pound guy from Bay City, Texas who played cowboy parts? AUDIE MURPHY Most decorated serviceman of WWII and earned: Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, 2 Silver Star Medals, Legion of Merit, 2 Bronze Star Medals with "V", 2 Purple Hearts, U.S. Army Outstanding Civilian Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, 2 Distinguished Unit Emblems, American Campaign Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with One Silver Star, Four Bronze Service Stars (representing nine campaigns) and one Bronze Arrowhead (representing assault landing at Sicily and Southern France) World War II Victory Medal Army of Occupation Medal with Germany Clasp, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, Combat Infantry Badge, Marksman Badge with Rifle Bar, Expert Badge with Bayonet Bar, French Fourragere in Colors of the Croix de Guerre, French Legion of Honor, Grade of Chevalier, French Croix de Guerre With Silver Star, French Croix de Guerre with Palm, Medal of Liberated France, Belgian Croix de Guerre 1940 Palm.
     So how do you feel the real heroes of the silver screen acted when compared to the hollywonks today who spray out anti-American drivel as they bite the hand that feeds them? Can you imagine these stars of yesteryear saying they hate our flag, making anti-war speeches, marching in anti-American parades and saying they hate our president?
     I thought not, neither did I!
     If you enjoyed the story send it on, if not don't, as we cannot always agree and that is what is great about the USA.
     Commentarty form an old Geezer
      Burt Richards

     "Geezers" (slang for an old man) are easy to spot: At sporting events, during the playing of the National Anthem, Old Geezers hold their caps over their hearts and sing without embarrassment. They know the words and believe in them. Old Geezers remember World War I, the Depression, World War II, Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal, Normandy and Hitler. They remember the Atomic Age, the Korean War, The Cold War, the Jet Age and the Moon Landing, not to mention Vietnam. If you bump into an Old Geezer on the sidewalk, he will apologize. If you pass an Old Geezer on the street, he will nod or tip his cap to a lady. Old Geezers trust strangers and are courtly to women. Old Geezers hold the door for the next person and always, when walking, make certain the lady is on the inside for protection. Old Geezers get embarrassed if someone curses in front of women and children and they don't like any filth on TV or in movies. Old Geezers have moral courage. They seldom brag unless it's about their grandchildren. It's the Old Geezers who know our great country is protected, not by politicians or police, but by the young men and women in the military serving their country.
     This country needs Old Geezers with their decent values. We need them now more than ever.
     Thank God for Old Geezers! Senior citizens are constantly being criticized for every conceivable deficiency of the modern world, real or imaginary. We know we take responsibility for all we have done and do not blame others.


Complied by Burt Richards

You could be Jewish or not as you can remember how your grandmother used to cook? Where is that cooking now? If you want to be like her,
First, buy a housecoat (shmata) and wear it all day, every day. Then go out and buy a live chicken, carry it wrapped in a newspaper to the shoichet (slaughterer) who will ritually slaughter it before your very eyes. When you get it home, flick (pluck) your chicken and make sure you don't leave in any pinchus (feather ends).

In the meantime, cover your couch in clear plastic, or floral slip covers, and don't let anyone into your living room again ... unless they are "company." Now you're a real balabusta and the essence of your universe is in the kitchen. So get out your wooden matches, light the pilot light, get out the volgar holtz (wooden bowl) and get ready to hock the tzibbeles (chop the onions) and knubble (garlic)..

Before we start, however, there are some variations in ingredients because of the various types of Jewish taste (Litvack and Gallicianer).

Just as we Jews have six seasons of the year (winter, spring, summer, fall, slack, and busy), we all focus on a main ingredient which, unfortunately and undeservedly, has disappeared from our diet. I'm talking, of course, about SCHMALTZ (chicken fat)! Schmaltz has for centuries been the prime ingredient in almost every Jewish dish, and I feel it's time to revive it to its rightful place in our homes. I have plans to distribute it in a green glass Gucci bottle with a label clearly stating: LOW FAT, NO CHOLESTEROL, NEWMAN'S CHOICE, EXTRA VIRGIN SCHMALTZ (it can't miss!)

Let's start, of course, with the forshpeiz (appetizer). Gehockteh layber (chopped liver) with schmaltz and tzibbeles (onion) is always good, but how about something more exotic for your dear ones boiled whitefish in yoyech (gell). it's fried in -- you guessed it -- schmaltz, bread crumbs, eggs, onions, salt and pepper. Love it! Then there are greebenes, which are pieces of chicken skin, deep-fried in schmaltz, onions and salt until crispy brown -- often referred to as Jewish bacon (this makes a great appetizer for the next cardiology convention). Another favorite, and I'm sure your children will love it, is pe'tcha (jellied calves feet). Simply chop up some cows' feet with your hockmesser (chopper), add some meat, onions, lots of garlic, schmaltz (yes, again), salt and pepper,cook for five hours, and let it sit overnight. There's also a nice chicken fricassee (stew) using the heart, gorgl (neck), pipick (the navel, a great delicacy, given to the favorite child, usually me), a fleegl (wing) or two, in a broth of schmaltz, water, paprika, etc.

We also have knishes (filled dough) and the eternal question: "Will that be liver, beef, potatoes, or all three?" Other time-tested favorites are kishkeh, and its poor cousin, helzel (chicken or goose neck). Kishkeh is the gut of the cow, bought by the foot at the kosher butcher. It's turned inside out, scalded and scraped. One end is sewn up and a mixture of flour, schmaltz (you didn't think we'd leave that out), onions, eggs, salt, pepper, etc., is spooned into the open end and squished down until it is full. Then that end is sewn, and the whole thing is boiled. Yummy!

Well, we've finally finished the forshpeiz. Don't tell me you're full because there's plenty to come. For our next course, we always had chicken soup sea of lokshen (noodles), farfel (broken bits of matzah), arbiss (chickpeas), lima beans, pietrishkeh, onions, mondlech (soup nuts), knaydlach (dumplings), kasha, (groats), kliskelech and marech (marrow bones).

The main course, as I recall, was either boiled chicken, flanken, kackletten (hockfleish--chopped meat), and sometimes rib steaks which were served either well done, burned, or cremated. Occasionally, we had barbecued liver done to a burned and hardened perfection in our own coal furnace.

Since we couldn't have milk or any dairy products (milchiks) with our meat meals (flayshiks), beverages consisted of cheap pop (seltzer in the spritz bottles), or a glezel tay (glass of hot tea) served in a yohrtzeit (memorial) glass, and sucked through a sugar cube held between the incisors.

Desserts were probably the only things not made with schmaltz, so we never had any.....unless it was flummen (cooked prunes). Mama never learned how to make schmaltz Jell-O. Oh yes, don't forget the loud greps (belch) -- the louder the better --at the end of the meal as you unbutton or unzip your pants. It's often the best part of the repast.

Zei mir gezunt (be well)......and savor all the wonderful memories with family during the holidays.


By Burt Richards

COMMENTARY: It's been sometime that I had anything to offer from UNIVERSAL STUDIOS in Orlando. well her goes. Right off the presses is the newest of 5 hotels being built for the Florida as well as the world travelers. First off will be the Hard Rock Hotel along with the elegant world class hospitality of the PORTOFINO BAY HOTEL modeled after the fine Italian seaside village. A Loews facility is open at the Universal Escape. The hotel will have 750 rooms with butler service and will be a part of the entertainment resort complex will be located in the middle of the Universal Complex. Another addition is the VIP front line access to select rides during the first hour the park is opened to the public.

Imagine 10,600 square feet of space that will include, 2 swimming pools,two bocci courts, health spa, and a full service business center so you are never away from being away. The Hard Rock comes later the hotels will be connected to one another and to it's theme parks, Universal Studios Florida, Universal Studios Island of Adventure, and Universal Studios CityWalk entertainment complex with scenic waterways, and complimentary water- taxis and more traditional transportation. Charging privileges for the guest will be included in their Electronic room key allowing the guest to purchase anything and everything. They also offer a Two day and Three day as an unlimited park to park pass. They are just like family, welcoming you into their home, and what better way to spend some time and a vacation with the entire family. On sight guests will enjoy priority dining in their world class restaurants. So right now it's a go and if you would like more information call to book a Universals Studio Escape vacation package at 1 - 888 -889 - 4783.


Click picture to ZOOMReview #8. Child Care...A Right To Choose
By: Marilyn Lewis

(click to enlarge)

Click picture to ZOOMReview #7. Author Anita Davis-DeFoe Joins Powerful Female Leaders in 100 Words of Wisdom for Women Project

     Hiyaah Power, a prominent source for on-line resources, empowerment and networking for women is launching another powerful project to help and empower women. Hiyaah Power's 100 Words of Wisdom for Women: A 31-Day Exercise in Empowerment TM, a.k.a. OH WOW!TM , is scheduled to kick-off its national book release this September. Anita Davis-DeFoe, Ph.D., is a featured contributor in the book. (click on the graphic at the left to read more or at the Banyon Buzz #17

Review #6. FOOTBALL (Casual Chic)

FOOTBALL (Casual Chic) Continued from the Banyon Buzz #15 at:
     By: S.A. Tony VanSluytman, LCSW of The ATON Project
      (On a recent visit to Tampa, Florida I had the interesting occasion to run into my old friend, Winston F. Bagley, entrepreneur, bon vivant, and Republican Extraordinaire, he is never at a loss for opinions on just about everything under the sun. When I told him about my intention to contribute something to the Banyon Buzz he insisted that I enter this e-mail that he rushed to me, about an experience he had at the end of the last football season.)
     I have always been of the impression that professional football games were similar to what we see on Monday Night Football. You know, the bright lights, the hoit monde sitting up in the sky boxes sipping on champagne and caviar as they connected and made business deals. This was what I was accustomed to at tennis matches and on the golf course. So, when my old business associate, Bob Whitaker called to invite me to a Tampa Bay Bucs’ Monday night football game.
     “We’ll have to dress in our best casual attire.” I said when I called one of the classiest women that I knew at the time.
     “Dress!” she responded sounding surprised.
     I assured her that most of the functions that Bob invited me to, when we were to make a major business deal, involved some kind of high classed setting, where we may come across some member of the town’s wheeler-dealer class. If it wasn’t Bern’s Steak House, it was the Davis Island Boat Club. One did not have to where formal attire, but surely, it would require some indication that you belonged to the upper social classes. A blazer. Expensive shoes. A silk kerchief. The same would apply to the ladies. There was no telling whom you may run into. He did not say so but, knowing Bob, we would probably be sharing a sky box with one of Tampa’s elite.
     “I’ll lease a limo.” I told her.
     “A limo!” She almost gasped.
     “Of course. We can’t give them the impression that we are part of the rabble.” I responded.
     On the evening of the game I rushed home and took my time finding my very best casual combinations of blazer, slacks and shoes. It all took close to three hours of mixing and matching. I stuffed a silk kerchief in the pocket and topped it all off with the panama hat I bought from a shop on Rodeo Drive in L.A. People out there thought I was Denzel Washington when I wore it. My lovely lady arrived just before the limo driver pulled up. She wore her hair up to expose the diamond earrings that I bought her the Christmas before. Her beautiful black satin dress exposed her slim shoulders and fine long legs. Perfect timing.
     I know it may seem like poor planning but Bob, like myself, is a very busy entrepreneur and I really didn’t get a chance to connect with him until we were well on our way up Hillsborough Avenue, heading toward the stadium. I called his house on my cell phone. I was surprised to hear his wife say that she wouldn’t be attending and that she would never dream of going to that “Mad house.” Just then I realized that someone was trying to get through to me. It was Bob. I clicked her off and clicked him on.
     “Hey Winston, just calling to tell you I’m holding a parking spot for you here about a block away from the stadium!” He was yelling into the phone. There was loud music blaring in the background.
     “A spot? We won’t need it. We’re coming by limo.” I said.
     There was a brief pause then he recovered.
     “Well, alright. I’ll meet you at the front entrance.” He said then hung up.
     “Front entrance!” I thought. I gave the limo driver instructions to drop us off at the entrance where the celebrities enter. As we got closer to the stadium we became engulfed in a steady stream of pickup trucks and cars of all sizes with Bucs flags and signs hanging out of the windows.
     After giving the driver the altered instructions we eventually pulled up outside the main entrance to the stadium. There were officials guiding the limousines in one direction while gruffly shooing the others in the other direction. On more than one occasion we were mistaken for the celebrity entrance then guided along when the driver waved his hand.
     I must say that I was somewhat chagrined as the driver pulled up by the entrance to let us out. The look on his face was somber as he held the door open for us to exit. The soothing classical music and air-conditioned serenity of the limo came to a sudden halt and we were thrust into loud country music, the odor of burning meat, in the humid subtropical night air. People gathered around the limo staring at us as we emerged out onto the sidewalk. One toothless guy wearing a Bucs tee shirt that barely covered his rotund midsection said to one of his friends, “They must be part of the half-time act.”
     “Hey Winston! Winston! Over here!” It was Bob standing over by the gate. He was wearing a Bucs tee shirt, jeans, and a Bucs baseball cap.
     As we approached him he looked at us rather strangely then told us to hurry so we can get there before the opening kick-off. We rode the escalator up the great stadium, up, up to about the highest level. The heels of my lady friend’s open back evening heels slapped and clicked as she hustled to keep up with us. The first stop was at a concession stand where Bob stood on line to buy some cheese covered chips and soft drinks. My lady friend held my left hand tightly as we stood to the side. Suddenly I felt another hand slip itself into my right hand. When I turned to see what was going on I noticed two buxom toothless drunken women giggling sheepishly as the one pulled her hand away feigning error.
     “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were the fellah that was gonnah buy me a beer.”
     I certainly was not going to find any of the haut monde even at these heights. On the contrary, our seating neighbors were all – shall we say – of the peasant class. The fellow sitting next to Bob hurled a set of expletives at the Bucs quarteback’s mother that would make a New York cab driver shudder. The one sitting next to me was more interested in my evening attire than on the game. On the way to our seats Bob warned us about the season ticket holders that sat behind us. They were a wild bunch from the hinterlands surrounding metropolitan Tampa. He told us that he had been in several altercations with them last season. Well, by sometime into the second quarter and several rounds of beer they were well on their way to providing Bob with this season’s version of rowdy frollicks. One of them leaned over and asked me if I was dressed the way that I was to promote some cause. Shortly thereafter another one threw me into a brief panic by telling me that my zipper was open (it turned out to be a canard).
     With two minutes to go before half-time I scanned the sky boxes throughout the stadium through my operatic binoculars to see who I may get a glance at. There was John Madden in the sky box directly across from us. Down the way a bit was Mr. Malcolm Glazer himself, the owner of the franchise, sitting with friends and relatives. I nudged my partner and handed her the binoculars to get a look at the rap star Jay Zee, as he posed for the cameras with a group of stunning beauties.
     As she stared I suddenly heard a cheer go up behind us. I looked at the jumbo screen to see what was going on. There I was standing out like a sore thumb with my panama hat and a startled look on my face. What was even more petrifying was what was going on behind me. One of the guys behind us held up a sign saying “A—Hole” sprayed in Bucs pewter and pointing in my direction. Worse than that, the guy next to him was making lewd gestures at my lady friend. I quickly turned to confront them when I nudged his arm and caused his beer to spill all over us. Needless to say a major fight erupted.
     Before I knew what was going on one of the several state troopers assigned to keep the peace at the games grabbed us and escorted us down the steps and through the hallway. The crowd cheered for us as we were led out the gates and onto the sidewalk. There we joined a crowd of others who had been ejected from the game. In the midst of the confusion I reached into the torn pockets of my blazer and pulled out my cell phone to call the limo driver. What happened to my panama hat? The mob came over and offered us burned bar-be-cue and cans of beer.
     By the time the limo arrived we’d been hoisted onto the shoulders of a crowd of hefty drunks who were kind enough to hurl us into our transportation. I held my lady friend tightly to shield her from wandering hands. As we rode off she looked at me and said:
     “Did you and Bob get to discuss that business deal?”
     “Oh, yeah. While he was being handcuffed and taken to the police cruiser for hitting the officer, he asked me to call his attorney for him. He said that the attorney would brief me on the details of the arrangement tomorrow in his office.”
     Malcolm Glazer is such a wise man. No wonder he is investing in that soccer team over in England. He knows that the British are so much more classy and well behaved than American sports fans. I was watching the evening news a few weeks ago when the phone rang. I turned the sound down to hear the voice on the other end. All of a sudden I glanced just in time to see a group of muscular tee-shirted British holding up a sign. I couldn’t see exactly what it said but I did catch the name Glazer on it written in red. Underneath, a running subtitle said that Mr. Glazer was close to closing the deal to purchase the soccer team. I’m sure the British fans plan to welcome him with open arms. He may even be knighted. Good for you Mr. Glazer.
     Winston F. Bagley

Review #5. Vioxx®

By: James D. Chlovechok, M.D.
     Read article:
     As you may already know, I was already writing a non-fiction book on the hazards of NSAIDS--especially the underappreciated hazards of the newer COX-2 blockers such as Vioxx®--when Merck abruptly jerked its multi-billion-dollar-per-year drug from the market worldwide. I currently do not use any of these drugs in my practice, and you may find another essay on this on the "Infinite Risk" page of my site

Review #4. A Review of the “Columnist/Reviewers”…

A few words about Banyon's columnist...
     By: Renee Leidinger

     I thought it to be quite generous of Banyon Publishing’s publisher when he agreed to let me submit a review about the different columnist on this website…even brave, since he agreed not to reject it unless my comments were personal attacks or unfounded comments. He must have some riverboat gambler in him or an enormous amount of confidence in his people.
     I’ve been a website visitor for several months, having had ample time to observe any improvements or significant changes, so I will get to it.
     “Betty B's Arcana Connection” by Betty Bradford Byers is an “Advice Column” that seems to maintain a steady audience of visitors between the Atlanta newspaper circulation it enjoys and its Banyon website presence. I’ve found her to always be entertaining and thoughtful with her answers to the queries of her readers. I must admit, I even tried her Tarot card reading by telephone and was amazed at how interesting she makes it. Frankly, I am a Betty Byers fan having read three of her books so far, and will likely read the others before years end - they were all excellent. Visit her sections and read her books is some free advice that I feel comfortable standing behind.
     Norm Goldman’s “Book Reviewer’s Corner” shows the thoughtfulness and diversity of Banyon Publishing, since I have not seen a hint of self promoting or an emphasis or favoritism demonstrated towards Banyon or its authors, i.e., I think Mr. Goldman has only reviewed two of the authors whose books are featured on the Banyon website, and to my knowledge he did so before they were ever featured. I’m not suggesting that anything would be wrong with him reviewing a book already featured, I’m just saying that there hasn’t been any appearance that would suggest there’s a quid pro quo for him remaining as a site regular. This gentleman has real integrity and his reviews are a pleasure to read.
     Burt Richards is a different story indeed and frankly, quite an interesting gentleman. This Carbonell award winning producer, theatre and celebrity writer, has appeared with the likes of Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Redford, Sophia Loren, Gene Hackman, Susan Sarandon, Burt Reynolds, Dyan Cannon, Jack Lemmon and many more names you'd recognize; he's also performed in such movies as: The French Connection, The Godfather, Godspell, The Hot Rock, La Mortadella, Portnoy's Complaint, Sisters, Shamus and more. It is my understanding that he has quite an extensive collection of celebrity memorabilia, and he is willing to sell a significant portion of these many one of a kind items. The very impressive display of signed theater PLAYBILL’s and autographs of Hollywood legends are second to none and they are all “his,” not a broker selling his collection. I suggest that a visit to his section of the Banyon website is truly an enjoyable experience.
     Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the newest book reviewer located on Banyon’s sister-site (, “Mr. P” and his “Book Reviews by Mr. P.” He made it quite clear that he’s no Norm Goldman and will be taking a more average guy/short and simple approach to book reviews, particularly the books of self-published writers. I’ve been invited to review him after he gets several books reviewed.

Review #3. HenryT...the talented singing duo!

Hot singing sensation...
     By: Jay Johnson, Publisher

     New York City twin sisters, Nicole & Katrice, of the singing duo “HenryT” are making raves around the Internet with nearly 4,000 downloads of their song “Lovin You…” since May 2004, without even releasing a CD (See: I have read excellent reviews of their talent from as far away as England and Japan. Their website HenryT is loaded with photos and FREE downloads of their songs, as well as their impressive resumes.
     Nicole & Katrice are graduates of the famed high school, Performing Arts (one of their famous schoolmates was Alicia Keys), which became well known after the movie and TV series Fame was released, and they are now attending NYC area universities whilst they pursue their singing and performance careers, which includes acting and modeling.
     In their FAQ section be sure to read about their name choice "HenryT" and where it originated. Their roots go back to Harriet Tubman by way of the real Henry T, as well as they have a generous mix of Caribbean heritage.
     Take the time to visit their website HenryT, I’m sure you’ll find it easy to navigate and a fun experience indeed - for ALL Enjoy!

Review #2. Parkinsons...

Who are these people standing in our way?
     By: Mark Johnson

     As a result of my dear friends advanced affliction with Parkinsons I have become very interested in what is being done in the medical research community in this area. I am particularly enthused by the time commitment made by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. They are very dedicated to ensuring the development of a cure for Parkinson's disease within this decade through an aggressively funded research agenda. I find their ‘time commitment’ refreshing and quite encouraging for so many reasons, when balanced against the decades of research and fundraising for many other diseases. If you are unfamiliar with them may I suggest that you visit their website at: and donate whatever you can afford.
     As Muhammad Ali and Michael J. Fox, celebrity personalities many of us have come to know, have shared their Parkinsons experiences, many of us have been content to not be so afflicted or have a loved one or friend battling this dreaded disease. We’ve watched Ali, older and with the more advanced symptoms of the two, as he has become less than the vibrant figure we once knew. Personally it saddens me each time I’ve seen him in recent years, particularly when I think back to our youth and his glorious boxing career.
     What is Parkinsons? Don’t miss this section:
     Lately, I’ve been reading about the battle with the rigid-religious-right over stem cell research and find the entire matter very troubling. These are the same people whose claims of a pro-life position (as if any one is actually pro-death) translates into preventing poor, unskilled, often uneducated and non-mother-ready young woman from having abortions, yet they don’t hesitate to support cutting services for pre-natal care or pre-school or school lunch programs or sex-education – too expensive or not necessary or it’s not the governments job they say and demonstrate with their vote - preferring tax cuts instead. Of course, they all agree that it is the government’s job to fund church related activities if they can disguise them well enough, e.g., school voucher programs, since that gives them a recruiting opportunity...and "they" know what's best for ALL of us. Don't they?
     So here we are, 2004 and virtually every serious scientist would agree, that stem cells and the research using them are our best chances for defeating many diseases over the next decade or so. Yet we are thwarted by these rigid religious factions bent on showing us all that “only they” are or can be right. Interesting how Nancy Reagan came around after Alzheimer’s hit her at home and robbed her of a husband…sometimes it takes such drastic realities to awaken us to the real humanity within us.
     America seems to be in love with Reality TV…perhaps, if we were truly “reality enthusiast” we wouldn’t mind looking into the reality of so many of our citizens suffering and dying because a minority of us are dictating policy that so personally affects most of our lives.
     Finally, after reading much of The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research website, it is my humble conclusion that they are earnest in their effort and worthy of our support. If you should have the time, read more about them at: and give them a hand with your donation dollars.

Review #1. Seminole Indians...


     The all new Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is alive and doing great business at the Hollywood, Florida facility. I was one of the few who spent a terrific weekend looking over the entire location. From the moment you walk through the front door you are in speed gear all the way. Viewing the special memorabilia costumes, and guitars hanging all over the walls and lobbies of all the rock stars that have ever entertained.
     Dining is a blast at the Royal Oak room with its extra special food service and the menu selections that serves Salads, Soups, Steaks, Chops, Seafood, side dishes of all types sensational desserts, wine and more. For a couple, dinner can cost about $125, depending on your selection of food. Other food courts are busy for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for ordering, eggs, steak, soups, danish, pan cakes, French toast, to Pizza, Sandwiches, and a variety of tasty dishes and drinks for a lesser fair.
     Gambling is big business and the huge casino is filled with every type of slot machine to satisfy the biggest to the smallest player. Slot Machines for the value of 5, 10, 25, 50 cents, to $1, $5 dollars and more to take your bet. A special room is set up just for Bingo players, while the rest of the casino is for the poker player, with 5 and 7 card poker. NO Sports betting, Black Jack, Roulette or Craps.
     The HARD ROCK CASINO Club is a dance hangout that can accommodate well over 600 rock and rollers and wild DJ's delivering the music, and dancing to the music is a blast. The show room is another spot for the big star headliners, like Tony Orlando and other stars who have graced the HARD ROCK stage with more on the way. The exciting part of the day can be spent around the plush lush swimming pool with its cascading water falls and the slides for the children most of the pool being only 3 feet high. Lots of lounges to lie around on as well as a places to get a cool refreshing drink. The hotel is 12 floors high and offers large rooms and suites, plus features a huge shower, a hot tub, double sinks, coffee machines, a safe, comfortable lounge chairs, television and video games and for more sleeping comfort, foam mattresses with foam pillows and comforter. I found that from the time you drop off your car for valet parking, check in, and make your rounds the HARD ROCK CASINO staff is friendly and service oriented to help the guests enjoy their stay.
     For thousands of years before the coming of Europeans to southeastern North America, perhaps as many as 400,000 of the ancestors of the Seminoles built towns and villages and complex civilizations across the vast area. After 1510, when the Spaniards began to explore and settle in their territory, disease killed many of these people, but they were never "destroyed" or "conquered" as so many of the white men's history books proclaim. The
     survivors amalgamated across the peninsula of Florida and continued their lives. Today, there are about 500 members of this Tribe. The Seminole Tribe of Florida has almost 3,000 members, living on five reservations across the peninsula at Hollywood (formerly Dania), Big Cypress, Brighton, Immokalee, and Tampa. The Tribe obtains significant annual gross revenues from such diverse economic sources as agriculture, citrus, aircraft production, gaming, tobacco sales, land leases, cattle, and aquaculture.
     When the first English speakers entered the area of the Southeast that is now Florida, in 1763, they found many of these survivors — from tribes such as the Euchee, Yamasee, Timugua, Tequesta, Abalachi, Coça, and hundreds of others, living as "free people" across the head of the Florida peninsula, on the Alachua savannah (the area now known as Alachua County). In Maskókî, the core language, istî siminolî meant that they were "free people" because they had never been dominated by the Spaniards or the English interlopers. In the Hitchíti dialect of Maskókî, today known as Mikisúkî, the same phrase was yat'siminoli. English speakers ignored their separate tribal affiliations and just called them all Seminolies, or Seminoles.
     The Seminole Tribe of Florida currently employs more than 2,000 non-Indians and purchases more than $24 million dollars in goods and services from more than 850 Florida vendors a year. In addition, the Tribe pays $3.5 million in federal payroll taxes. The Seminole Tribe of Florida has more noncontiguous reservations than any tribe in North America. The first Seminole government achieved what many felt was impossible, bringing the chaos of new organization under control and the first monies into the tiny Tribal treasury. Thus began the modern era of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. The next generation of Seminole leaders took firm advantage of the sovereign paths to economic prosperity. Businessmen merged their expertise with natural-born leaders to move the Seminole treasury far beyond the million dollar mark. Native linguists and communicators such as Betty Mae Jumper - first woman to be elected chairman of an American Indian tribe - were instrumental in guiding the suspicious community through the doorways of the new age of opportunity. She is also one of the Seminole Tribe's noted story tellers and has written two books, With The Wagons Came God's Word, and Legends Of The Seminoles. There are eight Seminole clans - Panther, Bear, Deer, Wind, Bigtown, Bird, Snake, and Otter. The Seminole Tribe of Florida invites you to experience their rich heritage and traditions through their Online Shopping Plaza. WWW. SEMINOLETRIBE.COM Take a walk through our Cyber Chickee Huts and browse around. There are lots of unique items to choose from. To reserve call 1- 800- HARD ROCK.

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