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Banyon Publishing is proud to acknowledge the fine work of Francine Silverman, as well as her dedication to the writing world in general.
     In an alphabetical format for ease of use, Book Marketing from A-Z is packed with unique ideas from Advertising (Pros and Cons) to Zero Promotion (when the book sells itself). Whether the author of one or 100 titles, self-published or traditionally published, these contributors are brutally honest about their pleasures and pitfalls.
     Hailing from all over the English-speaking world, they present their first-hand experiences with honesty and humor. “The nice thing about the book is the format – it’s not just names and addresses, but a brief personal narrative visit with a number of real writers, people like you and me who have experienced the glory and the gory side of pushing a product,” says reviewer Barbara Scott.
     Readers will learn by their mistakes and adapt ideas in promoting their own books.
     “This book contains everything a new (or even experienced) author needs to begin marketing,” writes book reviewer Jeremy Hoover. “Authors might be surprised to learn that there are many free things they can do to market their books!”
     The 400-page paperback is available at (Category: Marketing).
     Francine Silverman
     Author of "Book Marketing from A-Z"
     (Infinity Publishing 2005)
     Editor/Publisher of Book Promotion Newsletter, a bi-weekly ezine for authors of all genres

Book Marketing from A-Z marks its 20th Rave Review!!

“Everything a new (or even experienced) author needs to begin marketing,” Jeremy Hoover, Hoover Reviews

“a perfect gift for writer friends…” Barbara Scott, Curled Up Reviews> (Category - How to/Self-Help)

“..the tool that authors lost in the ‘ever confusing, marketing world.’" Shirley Roe, AllBooks Reviews

"…read it cover to cover, and keep it at hand to refer to often." Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews (four stars)

“an absolute page-turner… simply couldn't put it down.” Mayra Calvani, Review-Books (Category – Writing).

"….I suggest reading this book with a pad of post-it notes handy, for book marking the most relevant hints." Tami Brady, Blether 10/10 Rating (Category: Non-fiction-Self-Help)

“…fresh ideas and success strategies in quick snippets that are easily digested.” Michael Meanwell, Enterprising Writer

"…so many great ideas…that it's hard not to get your imagination going." Heather Grove, Burning Void Reviews Heather Grove - Burning Void

“…a must on every writer’s bookshelf." Misty Wright, Writers Unlimited

“…these valuable tips should improve the sales of books in any genre” Joyce Handzo, In the Library Reviews

“…an author's Bible that you will refer to time and time again.” Shirley Johnson, MidWest Book Review (Click MBR Bookwatch, then May issue, then Shirley’s Shelf).

“What a variety of creative ideas!" Patricia Fry, SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network).

"…a testament to the power of persistence and diligence.” Lana Jordan, Lemon Drops Press and

"…an interesting and for many people a valuable book." John Walsh, Book Pleasures

"…addressed by authors who have been there, done that, and reach out with a helping hand…” Charlene Austin, Writers and Readers Network

"…almost always interesting, because in the context of an actual experience." Maggie Ball, Compulsive Reader

"...before you spend thousands of dollars on a marketing campaign, invest about twenty bucks and get this book! Graciela Sholander, Amazon

“…remarkably robust material contained between the covers.” Geoff Rotunno, The Boox Review

“Want to grasp what it means to market that masterpiece? This book tells you.” Carolyn Scheidies, Author’s Choice Reviews – (Click “Non-Fiction”)

"With 12 published books, I have acquired a lot of experience...And yet...I discovered promotional ideas that were new to me." Bob Rich. (Will appear in his newsletter next month).

Book Marketing from A-Z by Francine Silverman was published in mid-March by Infinity Publishing. Subscribers are entitled to a 20% discount. Contact Fran at for code.

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