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Business & Finance
Business & Technical Writing; Corporate Editing and Copyediting
Character Naming Resources
Writing for Children
Writing Contests
Critique and Discussion Groups
Dictionaries, Glossaries, & Language Resources
Electronic Publishing Resources
Guidelines and Guideline Databases
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Mystery Writing
Publications for Writers
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Romance and Historical Fiction
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Screenwriting & Playwriting
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General Writing Sites

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Agents: A Primer, by Harold Underdown
Focuses primarily on finding an agent for children's literature.

Association of Authors' Representatives
The primary organization of literary agents, with FAQs, a "canon of ethics," and a list of members. Literary Agents UK Literary Agents US

Finding a Good Agent or Publisher, by Gary Kessler

Hunting for a Literary Agent, by Chuck Rothman

Literary Agents
Links to agent lists and to a variety of articles on finding (and using) an agent.

Preditors and Editors: Agent Listings
A good place to look for warnings against agents who are "not recommended."

WriteLinks Literary Agents

WritersNet: Literary Agent Directory

The Writer's Mind
A site that allows agents and publishers to post listings. Well-categorized.

Publicists & Book Promotion Resources

Publicist: Karen Villanueva Author Services located at:

Authors on the Highway
A place to list your upcoming booksignings, speaking engagements, and other "on the road" promotional activities.

Book Fairs and Festivals

Book Mailing Rates Chart
This chart was accurate at time of publication; however, keep in mind that postal rates change quickly!

Announce your talk, signing, etc. to local news media free through this site.
"Announce your availability as an interview source by signing up..." with this site.

Literary Times
Provides a place for romance authors to post events, such as chats and book signings.

Midwest Book Review: Publisher Resources
Among a vast array of links, this site includes a good selection of book review sources.

Murder Must Advertise Promotion FAQ
Lots of useful information on PR, press releases, how to write a pitch letter, etc.

Taking the Mystery out of Press Kits, by Lisa M. Dellwo

The Timely Approach to Promotion
An article by Laura Baker on the steps to take in promoting a book -- and when to take them.

Web Sites for Booklovers and Authors
Links to book clubs, reviews, excerpts, bookstores, book fairs and festivals, author sites, publishers, marketing and promotion resources and more.

Your Free Book Promotion Countdown Checklist
Extensive list of things to do to promote your book before and after publication. Author Programs
Advantage program
For small presses, self-publishers, and authors who distribute their own titles.

Associates program
Offers a commission for selling books (including your own) from your Web site.

Catalog Guide
Describes how to include supporting material (such as chapter excerpts, reviews, etc.) on your book's "detail" page.

Look Inside the Book program

Frequently Asked Questions About
What sales rankings mean, and how to change information on your book page.

Book Reviews
Book Reviewers
Links to sites and publications that review books.

Book review and author interview site.

Children's Book Reviewers

The Compulsive Reader
A book review site that is actively looking for book reviews, and may also be a good place for authors to get their books reviewed.

Fearless Reviews
If you're a self-publisher or independent press, you can get your book(s) reviewed on this section of the "Fearless Books" site.

Midwest Book Review book reviewers

NewPages Review Sources
This may be a good place to submit your nonfiction book for review.

Publishing Central: Book Review Publications

Romance Reviews Today
A good place to get your romance novel reviewed.

The Reviews Are In
Book review and "browse" site.

Tips for Book Reviews
Suggestions on how to contact reviewers, plus some things not to do.
Book Clubs
Book Clubs
Categorized and alphabetical listings of book clubs.

Book Clubs UK

Comprehensive Collection of Book Clubs by Interest

Barnes and Noble

BookWeb Bookstores in the World
Links to bookstores that are members of the American Booksellers' Association (4066 in the U.S., 52 in Canada, and 52 in other countries).


Evelyn C. Leeper's Bookstore Lists
This is an absolutely amazing compendium of lists of bookstores throughout the world.

The Fearless Independents
A list of independent bookstores by state.

Midwest Book Review: Bookstores
Includes an extensive list of online bookstores, among other resources.

WordsWorth Author Internet Site
A bookstore that allows you to "embed" your own promotional author Web site

Interviews and Public Speaking
Authors @ Your Library
A searchable database provided by the American Library Association that lets libraries post their "wants" for authors to speak or provide seminars, and publishers to post information about the authors who are available to speak. Note: Many libraries offer an honorarium for speakers!

Authors and Experts
A site that links authors and speaking opportunities.

Basic Public Speaking
Tips on public speaking, writing a speech, etc.

Experts Who Speak
Agency for speakers.

NOTE: See the Children's Writing Links for information on making author visits to schools.

Press Releases
Developing a Press Release, by Bev Walton-Porter
How to Write a Press Release

Press Release Resources
Includes a list of news associations to which one can send press releases.

PR Press Network
Links to a variety of PR sites and press release posting services. UK-based, so many resources focus on UK publicity.

PRWeb Public Relations
Sample press releases from the publishing industry.
Lots of useful information on PR, press releases, how to write a pitch letter, etc.

Seven Steps to a Great Press Release, by Elizabeth Hanes

Writing the Perfect Press Release, by Maggie Frisch

An Author Needs a Publicist

Hire The Publicist To Get The Publishing Deal, by R. Scott Penza
How a publicist can help you before your book is published.

Hiring a Personal Publicist

Michael Kleiner, Book Publicist
Transcript of a chat with a book publicist on promoting POD titles.

Book Publishers

African American Literature Book Club: Publishers
Links to publishers, with an emphasis on those interested in African American writing.

Association of American University Presses

Audio Publishers Association
Industry resources for audiobooks.

BookWire: Book Publisher Index
In addition to a general listing of book publishers, this site offers both general and genre- or topic-specific listings.

BookWire Index: Children's Publishers

BookWire Index: Mystery Publishers

Bookwire Index of Non-English Publishers

BookWire Index: Religious Publishers

BookWire Index: Science Fiction Publishers

BookWire Index: Travel Publishers

Children's Book Editors
Direct links to the children's editors at various publishing houses.

Colossal Directory of Children's Publishers Online
Comprehensive, alphabetical listings of children's magazines and book publishers, including links to submission guidelines and web sites.

Independent Book Publishers
Independent publishers and small presses.

Literary Publishers (Publishing Central)

Midwest Book Review: Publishers
This page offers a huge array of publisher links, including children's book publishers, trade publishers, scholarly/academic publishers, computer/software book publishers, e-book publishers and dealers, and more. It will keep you busy.

Mysterious Home Page: Publishers
List of mystery publishers, including several international publishers.

Overbooked Book Links: Mystery, Suspense, Thrillers, Crime Fiction Publishers
Links to book publishers, including international and small press publishers.

Poetry Publishers (Publishing Central)

Publishers' Catalogues Home Page
A search tool enabling one to look up publishers by name, location, subject, or type of material published.

Publishers Online
Links to a variety of resources, including small presses, the British Book industry, greeting card markets, Canadian publishers, computer books, and more.

Romance Publishers

University Presses

World Publishing Industry
A directory/search engine for the publishing industry; offers extensive listings in various publishing categories.

Writers' Information Network: [Christian] Publishers

WriteLinks: Commercial Book Publishers
A comprehensive listing of book publishers in every category, including genre, address, website, and e-mail. (Not updated since 2001.)

Writers' Mind, The
A site that allows agents and publishers to post listings. Well-categorized.


Business & Finance

10 Key Negotiating Points in an Author-Publisher Agreement

ASJA Contract Watch
Serves as Contract Information Central for freelance writers, keeping thousands informed about the latest terms and negotiations in the world of periodicals, print and electronic publication. Offers a free newsletter with news of contract negotiations and "author-unfriendly" publishers.

Articles About Contracts, by Ivan Hoffman
More than 20 excellent articles on various aspects of contracts for writers and publishers.

The Book Editor Contract , by Ivan Hoffman
Read this before hiring an editor for your manuscript -- or before deciding to BECOME an editor.

Copyright Lawyers
A list of copyright lawyers throughout the U.S., From EditorialPhoto.

Editorial Photo: Contract Reviews
While this site is designed for photographers, its analyses of a variety of freelance contracts are also useful to writers.

Findlaw's Find a Lawyer
A place to search for copyright and contract lawyers.

The Ghostwriter Agreement , by Ivan Hoffman
Whether you're thinking of becoming a ghostwriter, or hiring one, read this first!

Journalist Electronic Rights Negotiation Strategies

National Writers Union
Organization focusing on rights and related issues. Documents on various topics, including rights and copyrights, can be found at

Publishing Central: Contracts

Royalty Calculations in Book Contracts

Tara K. Harper FAQ: Contracts
Discussion of the meaning of various contract terms, and how to negotiate them.

Trade Book Publishing Agreement Checklist
A good overview of items commonly found in a book publishing agreement.

Voluntary Lawyers for the Arts
This organization can help with legal issues relating to art and intellectual property.
Sample Contracts
Book Editor Contract
Sample contract and tips for working with an independent book editor.

Internet Writing Agreement

Model Contracts
Model contracts for author/agent, anthology, hardcover, magazine, paperback, and web publishing.

Sample Author Collaboration Agreement
A useful contract sample if you wish to collaborate on a writing project.

Sample Contract

Standard Freelance Editorial Agreement

Standard Journalism Contracts
Finances and Taxes
How to Handle Writing Income and Expenses, by Moira Allen
Keeping Records, by Moira Allen

Writer's Pocket Tax Guide
A comprehensive overview of handling writing expenses, income, and taxes, by attorney Darlene Cypser. (This site is updated every year -- thus next year's site would be /wptg2005.html.)

The Universal Currency Converter
Wondering how much you'll be paid by an overseas market? Visit this site to convert the currency of any country into U.S. dollars (or any other currency) -- and vice versa.

Postage Information
Book Mailing Rates Chart
This chart was accurate at time of publication; however, keep in mind that postal rates change quickly!

Canada Post
Canadian postage rates.

Canadian Postal Codes

Foreign Country Mailing Code Abbreviations

Postage Rates Worldwide
Calculate how much you'll need to have a SASE sent to you from anywhere in the world (if you can figure out where to get the stamps!)
Order U.S. postage in any denomination, from anywhere in the world. (Ideal for writers outside the U.S. who need postage for a SASE from the U.S.) Orders from outside the U.S. require an extra $5 in shipping.

U.S. Postal Service Address Management
Find a zip code for any location in the U.S.

Writer's Postage Chart
Postage rates for Australia, Canada, Great Britain/Northern Ireland, New Zealand and the U.S.

Yahoo! Postal Information
International postal rates and post codes.

Setting Fees and Getting Paid
Collection Postcards
Free electronic "postcards" to send to slow-paying clients.

Editorial Photographers
Information on how to price and sell your photos, plus market information, trade groups and more.

Hugh's Mortgage and Financial Calculators
A collection of financial tools that can be useful in financial research.

National Survey: Freelance and Contract Writer's Rates
Overview of pay rates for different types of writing and editing jobs, such as business writing, web writing, web design, ghostwriting, copyediting, etc. (From 1999.)

Putting a Price on Your Capabilities: How to Set Your Fees as a Freelance Writer
How to set fees based on your expenses, cost of living, etc.

Royalty Calculator
A means of estimating what royalties you'll receive for your book. Currently offered as a spreadsheet.
Find out how much you should be earning, based on your job title/description and region. Select a location, then a job category, e.g., "Printing and Publishing." Then click on "Advanced job title search" and type in a title (e.g., writer or editor). You'll get a list of categories to choose from; select the title that applies to you.

Sample Collection Letters
Letters to use when attempting to collect payment from a client.

Stock Photo Price Calculator
A good calculator to help you determine what price to set on your photos.

What to Pay a Writer
A good overview of freelance fees and rates for such jobs as advertising, business writing, editing, ghostwriting, magazine writing, technical writing, translation, and more. Rates are listed in Canadian dollars but are still applicable to U.S. writers.

Business & Technical Writing; Corporate Editing and Copyediting

Association for Business Communication

Business Communications
Links to business communications resources, books, experts, news, classifieds and a message board.

Business and Technical Communication
Links to business and technical communications journals, organizations, discussion lists, and related pages.

Business Writer's Free Library
Extensive collection of links, including sample memos and documents, basic writing skills, correspondence writing, and reference materials.

Copywriting FAQ
Getting started in copywriting and advertising.
Tips on becoming a successful copywriter.

Creative Concepts and Copywriting
Several useful articles here on how to become (or use) a copywriter, including two free newsletters on marketing and design.

Editors Association of Canada

Free Trade Magazine Source

John December Technical Communications Information Sources

Society for Technical Communication (STC)
Articles, links, and other resources for technical writers and communicators.

Technical Writing, by Doug Nickerson
An article on techniques of technical writing. Subtitled "It's not as easy as it looks."

WritersWrite Resources for Technical Writers
Links to information on book publishing, electronic publishing, desktop publishing, medical writing, "RoboHelp," software, standards references, technical dictionaries, technical news, translation, and more.

A great collection of articles and resources, including a newsletter and an extensive set of technical writing job listings.

Content Editing
CopyEditor: Language News for the Publishing Profession
Includes an extensive job board for copyeditors.

Editorial Freelancers Association
Events, links, articles, and benefits for editorial freelancers.

The Tech Writer’s Assistant - Rebecca Stahl
This site is for students and professionals who are interested in a tech writing career. There’s information about education, writing skills, computer skills, and projects that tech writers work on.

The Writers-Editors Network
A membership organization of writers and editors. The Web site offers a good selection of free tips on marketing and business writing.

Character Naming Resources

20,000 Names

African Names

Afrocentric Names

Alfabette Zoope Name Lists
Good lists of names and meanings, including many non-western names.

Ancient Egyptian Names
Contains extensive lists of male and female names, but no meanings.

Arabic Names, Masculine

Arabic Names, Feminine

BabyCenter: Baby Name Search
Searchable by name, type of name, country, or meaning. (Slow.)

Baby Names

Baby Name Network

Baby Names and Beyond
Lots of good information about names (heavy on the Biblical); the problem is the layers of menus one has to wade through to get to the info.

Baby Names of Asia and the Pacific

Behind the Name
History and etymology of first names from around the world.

Cal Poly Pomona Name Pronunciation Guide
Guide to pronouncing names from a variety of languages; search by language or country, or search the lists for pronunciations.

Character Names

Chinese Names
This site enables you to generate Chinese names based on desired characteristics, and gives links to other good name and language sites.

Edgar's Name Pages
Currently boasts info on 1000 names. A useful feature is the lists of "top names" for different periods and locations. (The links for "top ten" for England in 1700 and 1800 weren't working when I tried them; to reach those pages, click the link, then replace the "topten" directory with "topfifty" and hit return.)

Hungarian Names 101

Hungarian Feminine Names

Hungarian Personal Names of the 16th Century

Indian Baby Names and Their Meanings

Irish Names
Pronunciations, alternate spellings, and meanings for a wide variety of Irish names, including emigrant names, animal names, and genealogy.

Last Names Meanings Dictionary

Medieval Names Archive: English, Old English, and Anglo-Norman Names
Excellent lists of names from a variety of periods); well-researched and definitive.

Medieval Names Archive: Names from Other Countries
Names from cultures and periods around the world.

Name Generator
Generate names to fit a variety of fantasy/sf "styles" and worlds.

Find yourself or lose yourself in names, this site proclaims -- and offers more than eight pages of links to every type of naming resource imaginable.

Parenthood Web
Allows you to search for all names on file for a particular region.

Random Vocabularies/Name Generation Page
Generate names or words, or invent a language.

Sikh Names and Their Meaning

Surname Origin List
Origins of British and Chinese surnames.

What's in Your Name?
Offers extensive listings of names and variations; sponsored by the Kabalarians Society, which offers to give you a "personality profile" based on the letter combinations in your name. Excellent source of name ideas.

Writing for Children

Aaron Shepard's Kidwriter Page
Articles and resources for writers of children's books. See for a variety of articles.

Agents: A Primer, by Harold Underdown
Tips on finding an agent for children's literature.

ALA Awards
Awards for children's literature (including Newbery, Caldecott, etc.)

Bethany Roberts' Writing for Children Workshop
Writer quotes, tips, FAQs, resources, book recommendations, and a directory of children's authors and illustrators.

Blue Oasis Online Support Team (BOOST)
A critique group for children's writers, with a newsletter, contests, chat room and other resources. (Formerly Blue Phantom.)

BookWire Index: Children's Publishers

The Business Side of Children's Publishing
This newsletter covers the business of the publishing industry for people who write and illustrate for children.

Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators, and Performers

Children Come First
News, articles, book reviews covering the world of children's literature.

Children's Books Center
A wealth of information on children's books, research sources (such as fairy dictionaries), illustration, and where to find children's literature.

Children's Book Council (CBC)
Information on writing children's books, submission guidelines, tips for writers and illustrators, and links to authors' and illustrators' home pages.

Children's Book Council: Author and Illustrator Links

Children's Book Editors
Direct links to the children's editors at various publishing houses.

Children's Book Prizes
A list of awards for children's literature. Includes many UK-only awards, as well as awards that a writer can't enter directly -- but still very useful.

Children's F&SF Writers
For writers of middle grade and young adult fantasy and science fiction.

Children's Literature Resources
Author interviews, awards, book links, topical links, ethnic categories, writing resources, and loads more.

Children's Literature Web Guide
Resources for children's writers, illustrators, teachers, storytellers, etc.; includes links to children's book publishers, journals, book reviews, recommended books, Newbery and Caldecott awards, and children's literature organizations.

Children's Writing

Children's Writers Marketplace

Colossal Directory of Children's Publishers Online
Comprehensive, alphabetical listings of children's magazines and book publishers, including links to submission guidelines and web sites.

Institute of Children's Literature Writing Tips
The articles on this site are changed monthly.

Meet Authors and Illustrators

Phyllis Cahill: Resources for Children's Writers and Illustrators
Focuses primarily on resources for illustrators, including listings of children's writers and illustrators, illustrator agents, children's publishers, image references, magazines, suppliers, more.
Resources for children's writers and illustrators.

Purple Crayon
A site sponsored by a children's book editor, featuring advice for writers and illustrators, links, publishing information, and "visual resources" such as maps and images online. (See for a selection of articles on writing for children.)

Scribbles for Children's Writers (Lil_Scribbles)
Anything and everthing about writing for children: Author interviews, tips, exercises, opinions, book reviews, writing articles, clubs, critique groups and more.

Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators
The only professional organization dedicated to serving people who write, illustrate, or share a vital interest in children's literature.

To Market
A collection of articles and tips on marketing and prommoting children's books, by Susan Salzman Raab.

Vandergrift's Children's Literature Page
An interesting collection of resources, including links to fairy tale information, world literature, authors, illustrations, and more. The main page is a little difficult to navigate, in that links are presented in the context of a text narration. (Recently, links have also been added to the left column, which helps.) See for links to authors and illustrators.

What Happens Inside a Children's Publishing Company? Children's Writing SuperSite
Articles and tips for writers, message boards, and the Children's Book Insider newsletter.

Children's Literature Programs
Children's and Young Adult Literature Study Programs (Children's Literature Association) Children's Literature

Institute of Children's Literature

Puzzles, PopUps, Rebuses, Etc.
Explorers: Pop-Up Book Directions
How to Make a Pop-Up [Book], by Joan Irvine

Nuts & Bolts of Rebus Writing

Puzzles with Dave Fisher at

Xword Interactive Crossword Puzzles

School Visits
Authors and Illustrators Who Visit Schools
If you're considering making school visits, you'll gain some insight from this site.

Invite an Author to Your School

Questions You May Have About Planning an Author Visit

Story Arts Online
Tips on telling stories in the classroom (and elsewhere).


Writersinkville Author Visit FAQ

Writing Contests

Search Tips
Each database can be searched by the following criteria:

Contest Category
• Books (published or unpublished, any subject except poetry)
• Fiction (short stories and novellas, any genre)
• Nonfiction (articles, essays, journalism)
• Poetry (including book-length manuscripts and chapbooks)
• Scripts and Screenplays
• Contests for young writers

Contest Deadline (use the pull-down menu to search for a date)

Contest Title

No-Fee Contests (enter "NONE" in the "Entry Fee" box)

The initial search results page displays all available details for each contest; it is not necessary to click through to the "Details" page for more information. Instead, click on the contest URL to go directly to the sponsoring organization's website.
A Word (or Two) About the Contests We List
1) Entry Fees: Most writing competitions charge entry fees. The presence of an entry fee does not mean that a contest is not "legitimate" (nor does the absence of a fee make a contest "more" legitimate -- see "When Winners are Losers," below). Most organizations use fees to cover contest expenses, including prizes. One question to consider, however, is whether the fee is proportional to the prize -- i.e., it makes little sense to pay $10 to enter a contest in which the prize is $25.

2) What we list: Our goal is to list competitions that are beneficial to a writer's career, in terms of publication, review by an industry expert, etc. We will not list:
• Competitions open only to a limited geographical area (e.g., one state).
• Competitions that are really just "reading fees" for a publisher (i.e., the "prize" is publication)
• Competitions in which the prize is a house or real estate
• Commpetitions that do not offer a cash award (e.g., t-shirts, autographed books, etc.)
• Competitions that exist primarily to promote a service or sell a product (such as poetry anthologies)
• Competitions in which the prize depends on the number of entries

3) "Bad Contests": We do not have the resources to investigate every contest listing in this database. All contests are listed on the understanding that it is the writer's responsibility to "check out" a competition before sending in their work and their money. If you have a problem with a competition, let us know and we'll remove it from the database.

4) does not sponsor any of the contests in this database. DO NOT SEND YOUR ENTRIES TO US! If you have a question about a contest, please contact the competition organizers directly; please do not ask to help you "find out" the status of your entry.
Sources of Contest Information
Ansme: Writers' Contests
Unfortunately this site doesn't seem to be updated too often.

Art Deadlines List
A list of a wide range of contests in the arts field, including a number of writing contests.

Author Network Writing Contests
Focuses primarily on UK-based contests.

Byline Magazine: Contests
Byline Magazine offers numerous monthly contests for writers.

DMOZ Open Directory Project: Contests

Fiction House Contests Resources

Freelance Writing

Google: Writers' Contests

Gahlah links: Writers' Contests

Major National Poetry Awards
List of a number of significant competitions and awards for poets.

Muse's Muse: Songwriting Contests

National Press Photographer's Association Contests
Contests for journalists and press photographers, including students.

[Poetry] Academy Awards & Prizes

Poetry Machine: Awards and Contests

Sarah Kathryn's List of "Interesting Contests"

Screenwriting Contests and Markets Online
Links to screenwriting contests.

Screenwriting Contests Database

Smith's CanLit Contests
An extensive listing of Canadian writing contests (many of which are open only to Canadian writers).

Society For Technical Communicators: Competitions

Winning Writers
Resources for poets and writers, with a focus on tips for those who enter poetry contests.

Writer's Nook News Contests Page
Extensive listing of contests in a variety of genres and categories.

Writing Contest Tips
A selection of tips from the publishers of The World's Biggest Book of Writing Contests (which is also an excellent resource).

Yahoo! - Contests

Yahoo! - Contests (Canada)

Yahoo! - Contests (UK) - Poetry

Yahoo! - Contests (UK) - Writing

Critique and Discussion Groups

Articles on Critiquing
Critiquing Others' Work
Good examples of "right" and "wrong" critiquing methods.

Fiction Critiquing 101
How to benefit from a critique group, and how to become an effective critiquer.

Hardcore Critique Advice
An excellent article by Amy Sterling Casil on how to write an effective critique.

How to Critique Fiction
Most critique groups recommend this article by Victory Crayne as the reference to review before undertaking a critique, as well as to help you interpret critiques of your own work.

Critique Groups
Awesome Writers
A mailing list for writers of all genres to post their writing and request critiques.

Blue Oasis Online Support Team (BOOST)
A critique group for children's writers, with a newsletter, contests, chat room and other resources. (Formerly Blue Phantom.)

A critique site with exercises, articles and links

Critters Workshop
This highly recommended workshop focuses primarily on speculative fiction (though it offers other workshops as well). The site offers sample critiques, tips on critiquing and participating in a group, and market information (including the "Black Hole" page that lists response times for speculative fiction markets). Considered a high-intensity group with high workload demands.
A UK site offering a place for writers to post stories for feedback, read short fiction, and find information on contests, writing groups, e-books, etc.

Horror Writers Workshop
A group open to horror writers of all levels; our goal is to help one another by providing constructive criticism of any length work.

Internet Writing Workshop
A workshop open to all styles and genres of writing, including fiction and nonfiction, long and short works. Must remain an active member to stay enrolled.

My Writer Buddy
Look for a mentor, a critique partner, a collaborator, a research assistant, or just another writer to chat with, on this unique site. It includes classifieds where you can post a "buddy wanted" ad, chat rooms, forums, and more.
A workshop for serious authors who have completed a novel of 60,000 words or more. Guidelines for participation are strict; this is not for "would-be" novelists.

Online Writing Workshop for Romance
A fee-supported workshop hosted online.

Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
A fee-supported workshop hosted online.

Opus Est
An online writers' and critique community.

Preditors and Editors: Writing Workshops

Quixotics Writer's Roundtable

Critique group for writers who are "actively and seriously pursuing a career in romance writing."

SF Novelist
A critique group for writers of "hard sf" novels.

SFWA: Workshops
Links to speculative fiction critique groups and workshops.

Thought Cafe
A UK site where writers can post their work for feedback, or simply read hundreds of stories, poems and essays.

Writer's List
A writing sample is required to establish skill level.

Writers Write: Writers' Groups Online
A list of critique, support, and chat groups for writers.

Young Writers' Clubhouse
Critique group for young writers.
Discussion Groups
CataList, the Official Catalog of LISTSERV Lists
Produced the best results from a search on "writer" or "writing."
Directory of discussion lists on a wide range of topics.

Everything E-mail: E-mail Discussion Groups/Newsletters
Everything you need to know to start your own discussion group or participate in online discussions; plus links to directories of discussion lists.

Google Groups

Jolly Roger
Links to a huge list of literature chat groups.

Literary Discussion Lists

Littera Scripta: E-mail Lists for Booklovers
Lists primarily geared toward readers rather than writers.



Search by keyword for writing-related lists. (Consider using more specific keywords, such as "mystery", "science fiction," "romance," etc.)

Writers' Groups
A selection of writing groups and classes; includes a helpful participation FAQ.

Dictionaries, Glossaries, & Language Resources

General References
A variety of dictionary and language tools.

Encyberpedia: Dictionaries, Glossaries, & Thesauri
Links to a wide range of useful dictionaries and glossaries.
Offers a "dictionary, thesaurus, literature refernece library and search engine all in one." Also offers a script that enables you to include a dictionary search box on your own website.

Internet Resources for Translators: English
Links to a wide range of dictionaries and glossaries.

Merriam-Webster Online: Language Center
If your dictionary isn't handy, look up words on this site -- and find out when a word first (officially) entered the English language.

One-Look Dictionaries
Hundreds of links to a wide range of dictionaries and glossaries. Offers "lookup" search function. Probably the best-known dictionary site online.

On-Line Dictionaries and Glossaries
Links to dictionaries in more than 60 language groups and categories, from Afrikaans to Zulu (and including artificial languages and multilingual dictionaries).

Searchable dictionary site that includes various English-language dictionaries, thesauri, quotes, biographies, stock quotes, zip codes, and other directories.
Search for synonyms, antonyms, or word categories; look up words, place names, biblical names and zip codes; enjoy daily crosswords and word search puzzles; translate text and web pages.

WordNet 1.6 Vocabulary Helper
A useful tool that enables you to look up a word (including uncommon words) to find out its definition, usage, and history.

Wordsmyth: The Educational Dictionary/Thesaurus

English Around the World
American-British/British-American Dictionary
Translates U.S. terms to British and vice versa; also includes acronyms, units of measurement, slang, idioms, and explanations of the differences between British English and American English.

Australian English Glossary from A to Zed
Nothing quite matches Australian English for its lively colourful phrases, this site declares. Give it a burl!

American Heritage Book of English Usage

Cornerstone's Canadian English Page
Explains the differences between Canadian, British and American English, including spelling, place names, vocabulary and usage.

Dictionary of American Regional English

English Etymology
Links to dictionaries of "English around the world," including Irish English, Caribbean English, English in India -- plus etymologies, the history of English, phrase finders, "the influence of other languages on English," international names, place names, and more.

Forthright's Phrontistery
A 14,000-word dictionary of obscure and rare words.

United Kingdom English for the American Novice
UK English to American English; last updated in 1983.

World Wide Words
Devoted to the English language -- its history, quirks, curiosities and evolution. Includes Weird Words, topical words, definitions, usage, phrases, and more.

World Languages
Australian Indigenous Languages
Links to grammars, dictionaries and other resources relating to the non-English languages spoken in Australia (such as Kamilaroi, Ayapathu and Jingulu), plus topics like "Bush Food and Medicine" and more.

Gaelic/Irish Dictionaries

Links to a host of international language resources.

Jamaican/Patois Glossary

Language-learning resources and links to language and translation resources.

On-Line Dictionaries and Glossaries
Links to dictionaries in more than 60 language groups and categories, from Afrikaans to Zulu (and including artificial languages and multilingual dictionaries).

Pronunciation Guide
Look up not only the meaning and spelling of international words, but how they are pronounced.

Verbix Online Conjugator
Conjugate verbs in a host of languages, modern and ancient (including Old Saxon, Proto-Indo-European, Swahile, and dozens more.)
Look up words through the search function, or browse articles on translation and language issues, or explore the more than 230 international language dictionaries and glossaries (including multilingual dictionaries and endangered languages).

Specialized Glossaries
Acronym Finder
Look up 60,000 acronyms/abbreviations and their meanings.

Alternative Dictionaries
Dictionaries of slang, "dirty words," and "foul language."

Amatory Thesaurus
Amatory and erotic terms.

Antique Words, by C. J. Cherryh
A list of words that were commonly used prior to the 1900's; useful if you'd like to avoid anachronistic phrases in your historical fiction.

Biographical Dictionary
A dictionary covering "more than 20,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient times to the present day."

Bob's Print Guide Glossary
Glossary of printing and publishing terms.

Castle Terms

Cliche Finder
An interesting resource that enables you to search for "clich?s" by keyword (e.g., a search on "cat" provides such gems as "Busier than a one-eyed cat watching two mouseholes").

Dictionary of Slang

DOD Dictionary of Military Terms

Easton's Bible Dictionary

FAST Glossary Center
List of all kinds of glossaries and dictionaries.

Feudal Terms of England

Glossarist, The
Links to a huge selection of glossaries on a vast range of topics.

Glossary of Grammatical Terms

Glossary of Internet Terms

Glossary of Poetic Terms
An excellent dictionary of poetic terms.

Glossary of Poetic Terms
A fascinating collection of terms, from acatalectic to zeugma.

Glossary of Publishing Terms

Hellatine Dictionary of Bureaucratese

How Many? A Dictionary of Units of Measurement
Dictionary of financial and investment terms.

Jargon Dictionary and Lexicon

Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournament Glossary of Terms

"A dictionary of over 140,000 medical, pharmaceutical, biomedical & healthcare acronyms and abbreviations. Plus medical news and searches for the medical, pharmaceutical or healthcare professional."

Netlingo: The Internet Dictionary

The Nonverbal Dictionary of Gestures, Signs and Body Language Cues
Subtitled "From Adam's Apple Jump to Zygomatic Smile," this offers a wealth of information on body language.

Origins of Phrases
Origins and meanings of hundreds of common (and uncommon) phrases.

Phrase Finder
Search by keyword to find a specific phrase or quote, or search for the meanings and origins of various phrases.

Scientific and Technical Acronyms, Symbols and Abbreviations

Semantic Rhyming Dictionary
Look up rhymes by sound, number of syllables, and preferred meaning.

Smith's Bible Dictionary
" contains more than 2,500 Western signs, arranged into 54 groups according to their graphic characteristics. In 1,600 articles their histories, uses, and meanings are thoroughly discussed. The signs range from ideograms carved in mammoth teeth by Cro-Magnon men, to hobo signs and subway graffiti."

Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang
A fun guide to "detective" and police slang, especially of the 20's, 30's and 40's.
Word and phrase origins.

WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server
An excellent acronym "look-up" site.
Translation Resources
AltaVista Translation
A free online translation tool for words and phrases. (Seems to work well with shorter phrases, but use caution when attempting to use any automatic "tool" to translate longer materials or documents.)

Daily Linguist: Your Personal Language Tutor
Online language help, corporate training, translation services, free online translator, and language/dictionary links.
Dictionary search tools, machine translation links, glossary links, and a translation forum.
Here's a handy site to translate texts into and out of English, from a handful of major languages (including Spanish, French, and German). It isn't perfect, but it is enough to help you make sense of a letter, even if all the words aren't properly translated or translated at all; I wouldn't suggest it for trying to convert your own work to another language.
Offers a variety of free translation interfaces.

A wealth of resources to help one learn languages or find publications in different languages, links to international language resources and sites in various languages, and translators.

NCTA Searchable Translator Database
If you need translation services to market a piece abroad, you can search this directory by language and specialty.

PEN Directory of Translators
Search for a translator by language.

Pronunciation Guide
Look up not only the meaning and spelling of international words, but how they are pronounced.
An extensive list of links to sites that offer free online translations in various languages or lexicons, including sites that enable you to hear the translation.

Translator's Home Companion
"A focal point of information about resources available on the Internet and elsewhere for translators, interpreters, and all those interested in the arts and crafts of foreign languages." Includes news, library catalogs, databases, directories of translators, translation agencies and organizations, dictionaries, localization/globalization information, and more.

Electronic Publishing Resources

E-Publisher Lists and Directoriers
Dehanna Bailee's Print-on-Demand Database
Lengthy list of POD publishers with comparisons of rates and services.

Electronic Text & Multimedia Collections
Academic electronic text collections, including historic and primary source documents, literature, etc.

Electronically Published Internet Connection (EPIC)
An organization of electronically published authors.

EPPRO: The Electronically Published Professionals
A forum for electronic publishers, authors, editors, marketers, promoters or other professionals working within the e-publishing industry.

Lida Quillen's List of Epublishers

Mary Wolf's Guide to Electronic Publishers

On-Demand Printers and E-Books
An extensive list of on-demand printers. These aren't necessarily publishers, but companies that provide print-on-demand technology and/or services. This page also offers a large list of e-publishers.
General Information
21st Century Publishing
Loads of articles on electronic publishing, including tips on electronic self-publishing, with special emphasis on print-on-demand.

Binary Thing ePublishing Network
A network of related Web sites dedicated to ePublishing, combining news, information, articles, discussion forums and an online store.
Search engine/directory for digital fiction.

Canadian eAuthors
Resources for Canadian authors who have been e-published.

Contract Issues: Books Published Online

eBooks 'n Bytes
Resources, reviews, publishing tools, and loads of other resources. In particular, check out their list of sites that offer e-book awards.

News, updates, and reviews of the ebook industry; loads of links.

Organization and discussion list for e-published authors and artists.

Electronic Literature Organization

e-Writer's Place
Resources for electronically published authors, including free ebooks, ebook creation assistance, articles, markets and more.

Internet Publishing
Piers Anthony's extensive list of electronic publishers, with a review of each.
What began as a site for the Rocket eBook is now a source of information on e-book news (all formats and platforms), commentary, e-book reviews, information on freebies, and "E-Book Informer," which scours the web for new releases.

Open an eBook
The resources section of this site is packed with useful links to organizations, awards, software and hardware, and more. Scroll past the top section for the main link list. This site also serves as an e-book marketplace.

Planet eBook
A site aimed at "Web publishing professionals" and self-publishers, with articles, Web-publishing tools, news updates, a forum and more.

Publishing in an Electronic Journal
Tips for publishing in scholarly electronic journals, including sources of information.

Writer Beware: Epublishers
Warnings on the perils of subsidy e-publishing and unethical e-publishers.

Writer Beware: Print On Demand
A number of cautions to keep in mind when seeking a POD publisher.


Books and References
American Heritage Book of English Usage
Home of a number of classic grammar, writing and style books.

Bartlett's Quotations

Chicago Manual of Style

Elements of Style

The King's English

A collection of look-up tools, including dictionaries, thesauri, language translators, biographical information, quotation directories, and more.

Grammar Sites
Daily Grammar
Sign up for an e-mailed grammar lesson for five days of the week, with a quiz the sixth.

English Grammar and Style

Garbage In, Garbage Out: Errors Caused by Over-Reliance on Spelling Checkers
A list of commonly confused/misspelled words, usage errors, and "other strange and amusing word confusions."

Garbl's Writing Center

Grammar and Style Notes
An English professor's "miscellany of grammatical rules and explanations, comments on style, and suggestions on usage."

Grammar and Usage for the Non-Expert

Grammar Grabbers
Subtitled "A not so serious guide to English grammar."

Grammar Lady
An online columnist who answers grammar questions.

Guide to Grammar and Writing/Ask Grammar
Basic grammar tips, hotline, interactive quizzes, quotes, links, FAQ, more.

Interesting Things for ESL Students
The grammar and word-games pages may be of interest to any writer.

Linguistic Fun Page
Links to amusing and helpful references on grammatical use and misuse, such as misquoted quotes, funny translation errors, "The Book of Cliches," and more.

Logophilia: A Web Site for Word Lovers
From quotations to crossword helps to word games, you'll get lost in the words.

On Line English Grammar
Tips, exercises, a "grammar clinic," and practice pages.

Online English Phrase Checker
Check how a phrase (or word) is used and in what contexts, and how often.

Online Guide to Writing and Research
An online book about how to write effectively; aimed primarily toward academic writing.

Rules for Using a Comma
If you're wondering whether to put that, comma, in or leave it, out, check out this page!
Offers links to dictionaries, grammar sources, punctuation information, thesauri, encyclopedias, genre resources, general writing resources, and lots more.

University of Kansas Writing Guide
Links to a variety of writing resources, with an emphasis on scholarly/academic writing.

UVic Writer's Guide
Designed primarily to assist in writing essays and papers, this site contains many useful tips on style, presentation, organization, and similar topics.

Vocabula Review
Online journal about the state of the English language, including grammar tips.

Words, Words and More Words
Words for writing, words for speaking, word games, old words, trendy words, debating words, negotiating words... A site for wordlovers, in other words.

Guidelines and Guideline Databases

Absolute Markets Newsletter
Offers a free monthly markets newsletter, and a paid biweekly "premium" newsletter; the latter is packed with magazine and book markets, international markets, job listings and more.

AcqWeb offers an "international directory of e-mail addresses of publishers, vendors and related professional associations, organizations and services." A good place to look for markets.

Children's Writers Marketplace

Colossal Directory of Children's Publishers Online
Comprehensive, alphabetical listings of children's magazines and book publishers, including links to submission guidelines and web sites. Magazine Guidelines Database

Gila Queen's Guide to Markets
Biweekly e-mail market guide that offers both "ordinary" (nonfiction) magazine markets and updates on speculative fiction markets (including new anthologies, contests, etc.)

Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau: UK Markets
Selection of UK markets for fiction and nonfiction.

Market List
Covers speculative fiction markets (e.g., sf, fantasy, horror).

Markets for Writers
Focuses primarily on Canadian markets, with some U.S. magazines as well.

Spicy Green Iguana
More than 200 links to SF, fantasy, and horror magazine publications.

Wooden Horse Publishing
Though the markets database on this site costs $149 per year, the site is also packed with loads of free stuff, including extensive coverage of magazine industry changes (new magazines, shut-downs, editorial changes, etc.)

Working List of Speculative Fiction Markets
Lengthy text listing of speculative fiction markets.

The Write Markets Report
Monthly electronic (PDF) guide to markets (paid subscription)

Writer's Market
Paid membership.

Writing for Dollars
Offers nearly 1200 listings, drawn from past issues of "Writing for Dollars." While the collection is extensive, many entries are outdated, but still worth a look.

WritersWeekly Markets & Jobs Warnings
A great place to check on websites and publishers that have a reputation for slow or non-payment, or are going out of business or rumored to be having troubles.

Writers Write
Offers an extensive list of paying markets, as well as a number of nonpaying markets. Can be searched by category, keyword, paying vs. nonpaying, and by markets that accept fiction, nonfiction, or poetry.


DarkEcho Horror
A variety of resources for writers of "dark fiction," including links, articles, a newsletter, and a writers' workshop.

Goblin Markets
A searchable market list for horror writing.

Horror Writers Association

A search engine/directory dedicated to horror topics.

Horror Web
New site covering horror writing, movies, games, and "lots of other fun stuff."

Horror Writers Workshop
A group open to horror writers of all levels; our goal is to help one another by providing constructive criticism of any length work.

The Long Hard Odds: A Few Hints on Getting that First Horror Novel Published

Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction and Fantasy
Online critique group for speculative fiction; charges fee.

Vampire Author Chats

Job Sources

Writing/Editing Job Boards
E-publisher Lists · General Info
A huge job listing resource, plus loads of articles and resources for freelancers.

Authorlink Jobs Available


Chicago Book Clinic Jobline
Jobs in the publishing industry, primarily in Illinois.

Focuses primarily on writing and editing jobs in the San Francisco/Peninsula area.

Editor & Publisher Classifieds

Freelance Writing

IRE Job Center
Job board run by the organization of Investigative Journalists and Reporters, Inc.

JAWS Job Bank
Journalism job board run by the Journalism and Women Symposium.

Jobs for Copy Editors

Jobs in Journalism

JobsPage: Your Link to Newspaper Careers

Journalism Job Links

Library Journal Classifieds

MediaBistro Job List
Extensive list of writing, editing and journalism jobs.

Newslink JobLink for Journalists

NewsJobs Network
Editing and writing jobs for the U.S., Canada and the UK. Free newsletter

Online Journalism Review Job Board

Publishers Weekly Job Listings
Click on "Industry Resources".

Academic jobs relating to screenwriting, primarily for screenwriting instructors.

Sharpwriter Writer/Editor Job Market

Sunoasis Jobs for Writers, Editors, and Copywriters

U.C. Berkeley J-Jobs
Focuses primarily on journalism jobs; also offers listings of magazine editorial positions and freelance writing jobs.

The Write Jobs

Writerfind Jobs
Jobs that can be done from a home office.

Writer's Resource Center Employment Resources
Offers extensive job listings, plus a free weekly e-mail newsletter update.

WriteThinking Weekly Technical Writing Jobs List
Loads of tech-writing jobs from around the country, listed by state.

General Job Sites
Search these sites with keywords such as writer, editor, copyeditor, etc.

+Jobs America JobCenter Careerbuilder

Miami Herald CareerBuilder

New York New Media Association JobsNetWORK
Technology-related jobs.

New York Times Job Market

SFGate Chronicle Jobs
Job listings from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Telecommuting Jobs

Yahoo! HotJobs

International Job Boards
Jobs for language instructors.

Guardian Unlimited Jobs
Job section of UK's Guardian Unlimited; click on categories such as "media" or "arts and heritage" to find writing and editorial positions, or search by job title.
Search for jobs around the world.

Jeff Gaulin's Canadian Journalism Job Board
Writing and editing jobs in Canada.

Jobs in Japan
Not focused specifically on writing/editing jobs, but worth searching by keyword.
Resources for international journalists, including extensive job listings for editors, writers, and other media-related professionals (primarily in the UK).

The Media Network
Lists a wide selection of writing and editing jobs within Britain, and also offers journalists a place to post their resumes and "jobs wanted." (international)
The international section of offers specialized "job boards" for several different countries, as well as more general regional areas (e.g., Africa, Asia, Canada).

NewsJobs Network
Editing and writing jobs for the U.S., Canada and the UK. Free newsletter.

Overseas Jobs Express
This site often lists jobs for writers and editors.

Canadian job-search site.

Magazines, Newspapers & Other Media

Colossal Directory of Children's Publishers Online
Comprehensive, alphabetical listings of children's magazines and book publishers, including links to submission guidelines.

Council of Literary Magazines and Presses
Offers an extensive online member directory, and also a larger directory for sale.

Internet Public Library
Vast collections of articles, e-zines, links to magazines and periodicals, electronic texts, and more.

Literary Periodicals
An extensive list of "literary magazines."

Little Magazines
A directory of little (literary) magazines published in the UK and Ireland.

Magazines of Europe
For magazines from other regions, go to

MagoMania: Canada's Magazine Search Engine Worldwide Magazines

TheMagazineBoy Online Magazine Directory
Primarily a subscription site, but also provides direct links to about 1500 magazines.

Resources for Literary Journals
Links to literary journals, journal response times, statistics, ranking and more.

WebWombat: Magazines
An Australian search engine that offers extensive listings of magazine homepages around the world, including many non-English publications.

Yahoo! (Australia)
Links to Australian and New Zealand publications.

Yahoo! News and Media
Search for newspapers and online media by region.
ABYZ News Links
Links to more than 16,800 newspapers and other news sources from around the world; regularly cleaned and updated.

Fleet Street Online
Links to UK newspapers.

International News Links

Lists publications by region.

Links to worldwide newspapers, including non-English papers.

Media UK
Find UK newspapers and other media.

Look here for links to newspapers, media, newsgroups and morefor such languages as Asturian, Basque, Ladin, Occitan, etc. The page is offered in English, Welsh, and French.
Links to U.S. dailies and weeklies, Canadian and International papers, press associations, and other newspaper-related sites.

A site that enables you to search for international newspapers and news topics.

US Newspaper

Ezines and E-mail Newsletters
Electronic Journal Miner
A searchable list of more than 3000 e-zines.
Well organized lists of e-zines and newsletters.

Flying Inkpot's Zine Scene

NewJour: New Journals and Newsletters on the Internet

NewPages Guide to Online Literary Magazines

Newsletter Access
A searchable database of more than 5000 newsletters (online and print).

Newsletter Directory
An extensive directory of online publications in a variety of subject areas.

WebScout Lists
Easy-to-search directory of e-zines and newsletters.

Mystery Writing

All About Murder
Columns, author interviews, chats, reviews, newsgroups, links and more.

Blood at the Source: Research Tips for Mystery Writers
Tips on using libraries and the Internet for mystery research.

BookWire Index: Mystery Publishers

Links to articles, books, FAQ, groups, awards, events, and "opportunities" (publishers seeking writers, contests, support groups, and research help). Under "Britology," for example, find out the differences between the old and new UK monetary system, the British academic calendar, and the British police force rank structure.

Crime & Clues
Information on crime scene investigation techniques, forensic science, etc.

Crime Library
Free short stories by top-name authors.

Crime Magazine
The award winning encyclopedia of true crime and crime-related issues.

Crime Writers Association
British mystery writers' organization; includes extensive list of author-member websites.

Crime Writers of Canada

Searchable database of mystery-related topics and events.

Deadly Pleasures
Links, reviews, interviews, nes and more.

Firearms Tutorial
Don't put the wrong weapon in the wrong hands! This tutorial is designed to give you a working knowledge of the types of firearms, the types of ammunition used, the nature of injuries that can be produced in the body, and much more.

Guide to Lock Picking
Includes tools, exercises, models, and a chapter on "advanced lock picking."

Historical Mystery Appreciation Society

Murder Must Advertise
Discussion list focusing on promoting one's mystery novel.

Mysterious Home Page
Links to authors, magazines, media, games, electronic texts, newsgroups, articles on characters and themes, organizations, awards, and a variety of other topics of interest to mystery readers and writers.

Mysterious Home Page: Publishers
List of mystery publishers, including several international publishers.

Mystery Connections
Links to bookstores, authors, interactive murder mysteries, conventions, and "mysteryzines." (Note: This page does not appear to have been updated since -- possibly -- 1997.)
Though designed more for readers than for writers, this site offers information on upcoming mystery events, games, chats, and other resources.

Mystery Writers' Resources
Links to resources on "agents, copyrights and legal, organizations, resources, publishers, forensics, law, guns, poisons, police, mafia, and misc. security."

Orchard Press Mystery and Writers Links
A great collection of links to mystery books, shows, writing sites, chats, organizations, research sites and more.

Overbooked Book Links: Mystery, Suspense, Thrillers, Crime Fiction Publishers
Extensive collection of links to book publishers, including international and small press publishers.

Poisoned Pens
A list for mystery writers, wannabes or published!

Police Body Language and Behavior: You Gotta Walk the Walk
Written by a police officer, this article will help a writer bring police characters to life.

Police Writers Association
Provides police writers with the knowledge, resources and networking capabilities to share their expertise with others through the written word. Both fiction and nonfiction writing and publishing are covered. The Police Writer newsletter keeps members informed of news and opportunities in police writing.

True Crime
Markets, tips and articles for true crime writers (and fanatics).

Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang
A fun guide to "detective" and police slang, especially of the 20's, 30's and 40's.

Who Done It Sites on the Web
An extensive list of links.

Writer's Medical and Forensics Lab
Ideal for the mystery writer!

Zeno's Forensic Page
Huge list of links to resources on forensic science, medicine, and psychiatry. Includes links to forums, journals, laboratories, associations, universities, employment opportunities, discussion lists, and lots more.

Publications for Writers
This site offers at least two newsletters, including a weekly markets newsletter.

Monthly print magazine, with website.

Children's Book Insider
Monthly print newsletter for children's writers.

An excellent, highly professional e-zine covering electronic writing and content issues.

Contracts Watch
A free e-mail publication from the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) that covers publishing contract issues, including ASJA efforts to fight "greedy" contracts. To subscribe, go to

Copy Editor
A newsletter (in Adobe PDF) for copy editors, offering a wealth of tips on word use, punctuation, solving odd problems, plus "dictionary updates" (new/recent words in the English vocabulary), and more. By paid subscription.

Creative Screenwriting Magazine
Interviews with screenwriters, plus other resources.

Creativity Newsletter
Newsletter by creativity coach Eric Maisel.

Cross and Quill
Newsletter for Christian writers.

Fiction Factor
Lots of interesting features and markets, including interviews, book reviews, alerts, more.

Flash Fiction Flash: Newsletter for Flash Fiction Writers

A publication for small presses and self-publishers.

Holly Lisle's Vision
A massive e-zine available in HTML or as a PDF download, offering a collection of excellent articles on sf/fantasy and other genres.

The Internet Writing Journal (from Writers Write)

Literary Times, The
A Journal for Lovers of Romantic Fiction, featuring reviews, author profiles, research and reference links, and a place for writers to post upcoming events.

The SF publishing industry's trade magazine.
Site and magazine for writers covering the music industry.

NAWW Weekly
Publication of the National Association of Women Writers

A monthly e-zine on fiction writing.

Personal Journaling
Monthly print magazine from Writers Digest (paid subscription).

Publishing Poynters
Dan Poynter's Book Marketing Newsletter, now available free by e-mail.

A huge listing of all types of research resources; click "All Categories" in the left column for an idea of the types of topics covered. Free newsletter. Warning: It's easy to get lost in this site!

Science Fiction Weekly
Hosted by the SciFi Channel site, this e-zine offers articles, looks at upcoming media releases, news briefs, games, and stories; also a paying fiction market.

Scribbles for Children's Writers (Lil_Scribbles)
Anything and everthing about writing for children: Author interviews, tips, exercises, opinions, book reviews, writing articles, clubs, critique groups and more.

Scribe and Quill
Edited by Bev Walton-Porter, the former editor of Inscriptions, this monthly e-mail newsletter offers articles, links, book reviews and more.

A new how-to magazine for screenwriters.

WorldWide Freelance Writer
Articles and information on international markets.

Write Line Newsletter
Good articles from Lorin Oberweger.

The Write Way
To read back issues, go to

The Write Markets Report
Monthly electronic (PDF) guide to markets (paid subscription)

Writer Gazette, The
Free newsletter and huge collection of articles.

This excellent e-zine has been saved from the brink of extinction, and offers a number of useful articles and columns each month; it's also a market for fiction and poetry.


Writer, The
Monthly print magazine, available by subscription (see Moira Allen's Net//Working and Dispatches columns).

Writer's Apprentice
The "scheduled premiere" of this publication keeps receding; when I first listed it, it was scheduled to debut in March 2003, and it now is scheduled to debut in February 2004 (which is just about over). Stay tuned.

Writer's Digest
Monthly print magazine, with website.

Writers' Journal
A print publication with a limited online presence.

Writers Monthly
Subtitled "A magazine for Southern California's writers and their readers," this publication offers several interesting columns on publishing, agents, poetry, etc.

Writers Weekly
A weekly e-mail newsletter listing markets and jobs for writers, plus links to online articles and columns.

Writing for DOLLARS!
A free monthly email newsletter offering tips and markets.

Writing Parent
A newsletter especially for parents striving to become professional writers. (A print publication available by paid subscription.) This publication has been on hiatus but should be returning "soon."

Writing World
A free biweekly e-mail newsletter from, offering feature articles, market listings, contest information, publishing industry news, columns and more.

Written By
The publication of the Writers Guild of America (the trade association for screenwriters); selected articles from back issues are posted online.

Rights & Copyright

General Copyright Information
Articles for Writers and Publishers, by Ivan Hoffman
An extensive list of articles on various aspects of copyright, contracts, permissions, foreign rights, distribution, and more.

Association of American Research Libraries: Copyright Information
Chilling Effects Clearinghouse
What to do if YOU are accused of copyright violation, or asked to remove material from your site; includes information on your liabilities if you host forums or chats.
An e-zine covering a variety of copyright issues.

Copyright Basics

Copyright Code
The entire text of the U.S. Copyright Code.

Copyright Lawyers
A list of copyright lawyers throughout the U.S., From EditorialPhoto.

Copyright Terms and Expirations

Digital Millenium Copyright Act (summary)

Digital Millenium Copyright Act (overview)
Includes a link to the full text of the DMCA.

Do We Need to Copyright Our Works?
A succinct, readable summary of the benefits of registering a copyright. (It's a fairly old article, however, so be sure to check the most current laws.)

Nolo Law, "Law for All," is a great place to start your search for information on copyright issues. Just search for "copyright."

Novice Writer's Guide to Rights

Publishing Central: Copyright

Publishing Law and Other Articles of Interest

Supreme Court Opinions on New York Times Co., Inc., et al. v. Tasini et al.

U.S. Copyright Office
All about copyright and copyright law, plus downloadable forms to register your copyright.

Why and How to Register Your Articles (ASJA)

Electronic Rights
Copyrights and Beyond in the Digital Age
Electronic Publishing and the Potential Loss of First Serial Rights

Electronic Publishing Fact and Fiction (ASJA)

Electronic Rights Negotiation Strategies (National Writer's Union)

Journalist Electronic Rights Negotiation Strategies

Recommended Electronic Rights Policy (National Writer's Union)

SFWA Statement on Electronic Rights
The Science Fiction Writers of America position on electronic rights, including an open letter from a lawyer on rights issues involved in handheld e-readers.
Rights in Websites and E-mail
C-Rights in E-Mail
Derivative Rights and Websites

Getting Permission to Publish: Ten Tips for Webmasters
Do you want to use someone else's material on your site? Here's some tips on getting permission, and making sure that you don't infringe on another's copyright.

Proper Use of a Domain Name for Trademark Protection

Who Owns the Copyright in Your Web Site?

Whose Property Is It Anyway?

International Copyright
Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works
Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Find out how to file a copyright application in Canada, what your rights are under Canadian copyright law, and more. Site includes a glossary of intellectual property terms, application forms, and more.

Access: The Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency
Canada's official copyright site, offering everything Canadian writers need to know about copyright law in Canada (plus how to register copyright).

Copyright and Electronic Rights: Laws and Agencies (Canada)
Links to a variety of resources on Canadian and international copyright law.

Foreign Publishing Deals and the European Common Market

Foreign Publishing Deals - Part II

Foreign Rights: Found Money

Intellectual Property
Information and publications regarding copyright law in the UK.

Perils of a Foreign Rights Deal

UK Patent Office
In the UK, it's not possible to "register" your copyright with the official government patent office; you can find out more about UK copyright laws, plus links to private copyright registries, on this site.

Writers Copyright Association
A UK copyright registry for scripts; the links section offers extensive links to screenwriting resources.

Fair Use
Copyright and Fair Use
Links to articles on issues of copyright, multimedia rights, and fair use.

Copyright Clearance and Fair Use
Links to articles and resources on fair use and how to obtain permission to reprint copyrighted material.

Credits, Permissions, Releases and Consents
Information and forms for obtaining author releases and permissions for use of copyrighted material.

The Fair Use Test

Giving Credit and Requesting Permission: Guidelines for Using Material Other than Your Own
A book chapter covering issues of copying, quoting, and obtaining permission for use of other authors' materials.

A Writer's Guide to Fair Use in Copyright Law, by Howard Zaharoff
Infringement and Piracy
Copyright Infringement
Excellent article discussing what constitutes infringement, and how to avoid it.

Is Your Work on the Web?
This article by Sarah Wernick will help you find out whether your work is being used online (or your magazine articles sold by databases) without your permission.

Piracy and Infringement, by Charles Petit

Libel and Defamation
Libel Law in the United States

Romance and Historical Fiction

All About Romance
Articles for writers and readers; reviews, forums, awards, contests, history and travel.

American Christian Romance Writers
Organization for writers of Christian romance; includes links, magazine subscription, conference, critique groups and more.
Antique Words, by C. J. Cherryh
A list of words that were commonly used prior to the 1900's; useful if you'd like to avoid anachronistic phrases in your historical fiction.

Authors of Romance
Writing tips, newsletter and more.

Lots of resources and features for romance writers, including reviews, articles, discussion and community features, etc.

Charlotte Dillon's Resources for Romance Writers
There's a huge amount of information on this site, not just for romance writers but for all writers. Check out her excellent collection of links for various periods of historical research.

Discussion group "for serious writers of contemporary women's fiction (chick lit, mainstream relationship stories, girl buddy books, romantic suspense, mainstream paranormal, family sagas)."

Directory of Romance Authors

Dreamweaver Newsletter
Bimonthly e-mail newsletter for romance writers.

Literary Liaisons
For readers and writers of historical romance; includes extensive research section.

Literary Times
Online edition of "A Journal for Lovers of Romantic Fiction," featuring reviews, author profiles, research and reference links, and a place for writers to post upcoming events.

Online Writing Workshop for Romance
A fee-supported workshop hosted online (not by e-mail).

Romance Authors Page
Articles and links to sites on various historical periods common to romance novels.

Romance Central
An excellent selection of articles and topics that aren't limited simply to romance.

The Romance Club Author Chats

Romance Ever After: History & Cultures
A variety of articles by romance authors on historical/cultural topics.

Romance Fiction
Articles, chats with romance authors, events, book reviews, conferences, publishers, guidelines, new releases, promotion and publicity tips, scams, and an invitation to submit your romance stories.

Romance Novels and Women's Fiction: Authors

Romance Reviews Today
A good place to get your romance novel reviewed.

Romance Sub-Genres

Romance Writers Homepage
Links, writers' webpages, book reviews, bulletin boards, chat, classes, and promotional opportunities for writers who'd like to host a chat.

Romance Writers of America
The writers' organization for romance.

Romance Writers of America: Romance Authors

Romance Writers' Web Sites
An extensive list of links to author sites. (NOTE: This page has apparently not been updated since 2000; it still has many good links, but also many dead ones.)

Romantic Notions
Focuses on speculative romance (e.g., science fiction/fantasy).

Romantic Times
This site offers a huge selection of author tips and historical research information; follow the links at the bottom of the page.

The Romantic Writer
Discussion group for romance writers.

RWA: Romance Publishers

Science Fiction Romance Newsletter
A definition of the genre, articles, author links, news and updates.

Show Me the Money!
Figures on the royalties paid by romance publishers.

Teresa's Historical Romance Fiction Page
Lots of history links, but the red-on-red font is hard to read!

Useful Links for Romance Writers and Readers
Includes extensive author links. Use pull-down menu to access different parts of the site.
Costume Sites
Bissonnette on Costume
Subtitled "a visual dictionary of fashion," this site can be searched by region, time or subject.

Costume Site, The

History of Costume

Regency Fashion Page

Historical Fiction
Historical Fiction
Discussion group for writers of historical fiction.

Historical Fiction or Fictionalized History? Problems for Writers of Historical Novels for Young Adults

Historical Fiction Review
Book reviews and articles on historical fiction.

Historical Novel Society
Includes a definition of the historical novel, articles, reviews, newsletter and more.

Historical Novelists' Center
Links and resources; lots of historical information.

Of Ages Past: The Online Magazine for Historical Fiction

RedInkWorks Historical Fiction Resources
Loads of history and research links.

Soon's Historical Fiction Site
Links to a variety of historical fiction resources, such as authors and booklists, discussion groups, book reviews, journals and historical materials, and more.

Teresa's Historical Fiction Page

Teresa's Historical Romance Fiction Page
Lots of history links!

Writing History/Writing Fiction: A Virtual Conference

Science Fiction & Fantasy

General Resources
Fantasy Fiction Writing
Links to interesting and different fantasy/sf/research sites, plus useful books.
How to Write
A selection of articles and workshops by Robert Sawyer, focusing primarily on fantasy and science fiction.

Index to Science Fiction Anthologies & Collections
Database of SF short stories, searchable by author, title, magazine, date.

JVJ's SF Links
Good links to articles on writing SF, market guidelines, and manuscript preparation.

LOCUS Index to Science Fiction Awards
This site lists all the major SF awards, as well as regional, academic, fan, reader, and genre awards. Each listing provides such information as winners, nominees, categories, and an award overview.

Ralan Conley's Webstravaganza
Markets, links, articles, and more.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Search Engine
Links to magazines, book publishers, discussion groups, comics, conferences, film and TV, shopping, and games. Links are comprehensive but often outdated.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA)
A huge collection of articles on writing in general and sf/fantasy writing in particular can be found at For workshops and discussion groups, see

Science Fiction Resource Guide
Loads of links to anything and everything sf-related.

Science Fiction Round Table (SFRT)
Offers a variety of speculative fiction resources, including events, conventions and conferences, publishers' links, media information, research and writing links, and an extensive list of author sites.

SF Canada
An excellent site offering a monthly (or so) article on the craft of SF, online stories, and news of Canadian SF writers. Well organized links to other SF resources.

Science Fiction Romance

SF Site
News, reviews, interviews with SF authors, and links to related sites. This site also offers the Internet Speculative Fiction Database, a database of speculative fiction novels and short stories that can be searched by author, title, year, award, and other criteria.

Ultimate Science Fiction Poetry Guide
This site offers links, information on sf/fantasy poetry authors, anthologies, collections, magazines, and more; if sf poetry is your cup of tea, you'll find it here.

Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide
Links to authors, book titles, conventions, international sf/fantasy writing, games, magazines and newsletters, movies, poetry, publishers, TV shows and more.
" is an online resource guide for speculative fiction fans and writers. Inside you'll find thousands of helpful links to several publications and resources from around the globe."

Forward Motion: Holly Lisle's Writing Pages
Holly Lisle's writing community, where writers can connect and share "the joys and insanity" writers face. Boards, critique groups, classes, articles, and more.

The Long Hard Odds: A Few Hints on Getting that First Horror Novel Published
Don't be fooled by the title; has useful tips on publishing F/SF as well.

On Thud and Blunder, by Poul Anderson
One of the classics, pointing out the difference between fantasy and reality (e.g., can you really hack off heads with a 50-pound sword?)

SFWA Articles on Writing

Uncle Orson's Writing Class
It's difficult to categorize this "Hatrack River" site from Orson Scott Card. In addition to chat, forums, links, and other resources, it offers a "writing class" in which Card answers various questions from readers; the result is a series of useful articles on writing fiction.

What is a Short Story? by Marion Zimmer Bradley
If your work isn't selling, this article may offer clues on how to improve your chances.

World Building
An exercise in building a planet, with information on physics and metaphysics, laws of nature, archaeology, etc. (Now archived, but still useful.)

Author Sites
Analog/Asimov Author Chats
Asimov's Science Fiction
Links to a number of SF author sites.

This site hosts SF/fantasy author webpages, and offers links to others off-site.

Writer's Net
Browse for authors by category, or alphabetically under "published writers."

Critique and Discussion Groups, Workshops
Children's F&SF Writers
For writers of middle grade and young adult fantasy and science fiction.

Clarion East Writer's Workshop
One of the best-known workshops for sf/fantasy writers.

Clarion West Writer's Workshop
The descendant of Clarion East.

Critters Workshop
This highly recommended workshop focuses primarily on speculative fiction (though it offers other workshops as well). The site offers sample critiques, tips on critiquing and participating in a group, and market information (including the "Black Hole" page that lists response times for speculative fiction markets). Considered a "high-intensity" group with high workload demands.

Fantasy/SciFi Novel Writers
A discussion group for anyone writing, wanting to write, or publishing a sf/fantasy novel.

Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop
A residential workshop that offers instruction and guest lectures from well-known speculative fiction authors. Website also offers a variety of writing tips, articles and resources.

Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
Online critique workshop; charges annual fee.

Chat, discussion groups, bulletin boards, book recommendations, and more.

SFNovelist Workshop
A critique group for writers of "hard sf" novels.

SFWA: Workshops
Links to speculative fiction critique groups and workshops.

Write or Die
A writers' group with extensive links to other groups and resources.

See also's links to Critique and Discussion Groups

Market Guides
BookWire Index: Science Fiction Publishers
Critters Workshop Resource List
Includes a list of markets with poor response times and/or bad reputations.

Gila Queen's Guide to Markets
Biweekly e-mail market guide that offers both "ordinary" (nonfiction) magazine markets and updates on speculative fiction markets (including new anthologies, contests, etc.)

Market List
Guidelines and market information for speculative fiction.

Mary Soon Lee's Market List

Ralan Conley's SpecFic Webstravaganza

SF Writers' Information: Canadian Markets and Other Resources
Markets, advice, organizations, world-building resources, more.

Monthly publication offering news, articles, and market listings, available by paid subscription and sent by e-mail. Website also has useful information, including the "Rumor Mill," a well-known spec-fic forum.

Spicy Green Iguana
More than 200 links to SF, fantasy, and horror magazine sites.

Working List of Speculative Fiction Markets
Lengthy text listing of speculative fiction markets, with websites and e-mail addresses.

The Write Market
Comprehensive list of speculative fiction markets, with direct links to magazines and guidelines when available.

3-D StarMaps
Find out where different star systems are located, their distances from one another, and more -- or create maps of your own systems. (Maps of Star Trek systems also included.) Very technical, but fun.

Broad Universe
An organization with the goal of promoting sf and fantasy written by women."

Chronos: The Future of Time Travel
Billed as "the ultimate guide to time travel, teleportation, temporal phasing, and other applications of nine-dimensional theory," this site apparently takes itself seriously -- but does offer a wealth of information on time travel theory.

Green Tentacles
Information on SF-related web design, industry news, etc.

Links to sites featuring "science fiction" haiku.
Holly Lisle's Vision
Available in HTML or as a PDF download, this 100+ page zine offers a collection of excellent articles on sf/fantasy and other genres.

Online version of the major trade publication for the SF publishing industry.

The "magazine" portion of the SciFi channel, including "Science Fiction Weekly" and "Sci Fi Magazine". Offers news, interviews, information on books and media, etc. Also accepts fiction.

Website of an electronic publication that offers market listings, news and updates, and articles on the craft of writing speculative fiction.

The Swan
Edited by sf/fantasy author Kate Elliott, this ezine is an "Online Newsmagazine for Discussion of Fantastic Fiction."

Screenwriting & Playwriting

Screenwriting: General Resources
Australian Writers Guild
British Film Institute
Information on the UK film industry.

Contest Report Card

Coverscript Resources
A variety of screenwriting articles, tips and links.

Create Your Screenplay
Hosted by Barry Pearson, this site offers a wealth of tips and articles on screenwriting, including format, genres, dialogue and more.

Creative Screenwriting Magazine
Interviews with screenwriters, plus other resources. Now offers a free daily e-mail newsletter; sign up under "CS Daily."

Emotional Toolbox
This site offers a variety of screenwriting resources, including a detailed "character map" exercise and a free newsletter.

From FADE IN through FADE OUT
The complete text of a book on screenwriting, available free.

How to Write a Screenplay
A free downloadable e-book discussing how to write a screenplay "from planning an idea through developing a plot to finishing the play." For Windows only.

Inside Film Magazine Online: Screenwriting
A list of conferences and other events for screenwriters.

Online Communicator
Links to a variety of screenwriting resources.

Screen Daily
UK's screenwriting trade magazine.

The links section of this site offers a host of useful resources, including links to college screenwriting programs, financial aid, and academic jobs.

ScreenSite: Calls for Creative Work
A list of festivals seeking screenplays (primarily for screenwriting students).

Screenwriter's Club
A group for new and experienced screenwriters.

Screenwriter's Master Chart
What's Supposed to Happen - When? A Summary of Various Script Breakdowns and Systems. This interesting chart lets you know that in a 120-page script, "Point of No Return" should occur by page 60.

Screenwriters Online
Classes, script analysis, screenplays, newsletter and more.

Screenwriter's Web
Lenore Wright's site, including tutorials, articles, market news, columns, interviews, and other resources, plus a free newsletter.

Screenwriting Basics
Charles Deemer's list of top things that screenwriting students need to know.

Screenwriting and Playwriting Contests
Search's contest database for screenwriting and scriptwriting contests.

Screenwriting Contests and Markets

A variety of resources and links, including screenwriting contests.

A collection of screenwriting resources "with a Canadian bias".

A new how-to magazine for screenwriters.

This site is a "companion" to the SCRNWRiT mailing list, and offers a range of information on screenwriting, including an extensive FAQ, a list of contests and fellowships (may be outdated), links, and a glossary.

Tips for Getting Your Script Past the Gatekeepers
Advice from a story analyst to any writer hoping for "that big break."

Writers' Copyright Association UK
In Britain, you can't "register" your copyright with a national organization, so independent registries offer copyright services. This registry offers an extensive list of useful screenplay links both for the U.S. and abroad.

Writers Guild of America
The official website of the WGA, with valuable advice and information on the art and craft of professional screenwriting for film, television, and interactive projects.

Writers Guild of Canada

Writers' Guild of Great Britain

Author Link Agents

Canadian Authors' Association: Canadian Writer's Guide

Hollywood Creative Directory
Source of the Script Sales Agency List.

Agents and screenwriting resources in Australia.

Writer's Guild of America agent directory
Click the "list of agents" link in the left column.
Script Registries
Film Tracker
Hollywood Script Readers Digest

Rights Marketplace


Screenwriters Market

Screenwriters Utopia

Writers Script Network
Script Sources
The Daily Script
Internet Script Database



For writers of short-short plays.

Playwright's Center
Offers classes, conferences, grants, workshops, residencies and other benefits.

Playwrights Union of Canada

Playwriting Seminars
Free "seminars" on the content, structure, craft, format, and business of writing plays, plus links to plays and contests.

WWW Virtual Library: Theatre and Drama
Links to free plays online, theatre books, articles, and other drama resources.

Syndicates & Syndication

National Society of Newspaper Columnists

Net Wits
A "community" for Internet humor writers; primarily devoted to showcasing columns.
Agape Press
Syndicates news and features of a religious nature.

Copley News Service/Copley Syndicate

Cox Newspapers
Independent syndicate, syndicating newspaper columns.

DBR Media
A newer syndicate that may be more open to new writers.

EcoIQ Syndicated Features
Syndicates news on environmental and ecological issues.

History News Service
An informal syndicate of professional historians who seek to improve the public's understanding of current events by setting these events in their historical contexts. Distributes op-eds and similar materials.

King Features

A site that syndicates travel articles to publishers.

New York Times Syndicate

A nonprofit international syndication organization.

Religion News Service

Tribune Media Services International
The Los Angeles Times syndicate and its international branch (LATSI).

United Media

Universal Press Syndicate
Syndicates newspaper columns.

Washington Post Writers Group

General Writing Sites
An excellent selection of business-related freelance writing columns.

Advice on Novel Writing
Crawford Kilian's book on novel-writing, posted online.

African American Literature Book Club: Writers Resources
Links to a variety of writing resources, including publishers and media outlets, with an emphasis on African American writing and publishing.

All Freelance
A huge collection of links to articles on freelancing, including financial topics, contracts, legal issues, general freelancing, getting started, running a home office, getting paid, promotion, taxes, time management, and more.

Articles About Writing
Though many of the articles on this site focus primarily on speculative fiction, this extensive list of articles offers something for all writers.

Offers publisher's guidelines, articles, links to organizations; also a site where authors can post material for sale.
Lots of interesting articles and resources.
Lots of author interviews.

Eclectic Writer
Lots of resources and useful articles.

The Enterprising Writer
Numerous articles for the beginning writer.

"Everything I Needed to Know About Writing... "
...I learned from editing (and vice versa)" - a good look at the business from both sides of the desk
A huge site, with loads of articles, resources, links, and a free newsletter.

Fiction Factor
Resources for fiction writers, including market info and a free newsletter.

Fiction Forum
Author interviews, articles, columns, book reviews and more.
A UK site offering a range of resources for fiction writers.

Forward Motion: Holly Lisle's Writing Pages
Lots of articles on writing (primarily speculative fiction), plus a host of research links, an online community, and an excellent e-zine.
Primarily for speculative fiction writers, this site offers an excellent research section, and has something for everyone.

Freelance Article Writing
An excellent overview of how to prepare and submit material and "establish and maintain good relationships with magazine editors."

Getting Started: A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching Your Writing Career, by Moira Allen
A series of articles designed to take a writer from "How do I start?" to a publishable manuscript.

How-To Articles
A selection of articles by romance writer Tracy Cooper-Posey. Each are extensive and detailed; her information on how to write historical fiction is especially useful.

Tips, classes and exercises for fiction, nonfiction, poetry, journaling and more.
Huge collection of links to writing resources.

iVillage Writing Exercises,,200930,00.html
A huge selection of writing exercises developed by Shirley Kawa-Jump.

Preditors and Editors
Categorized links to resources such as agents, publishers, writing groups, associations, articles, and more.

Links to a selection of good articles from various writing and authors' sites.
Tips on dealing with rejection, plus a collection of rejection letters -- read and laugh, or share the misery!

A literary magazine with hundreds of stories in a variety of genres, as well as an extensive writersŐ section with guidelines and articles.

Time Warner "Authors" Articles Archives
This collection of articles by Time Warner authors goes on for pages; not all relate specifically to writing, but there's a wealth of info here.

Uncle Orson's Writing Class
In addition to chat, forums, links, and other resources, this site by Orson Scott Card offers a "writing class" in which Card answers various questions from readers.

New articles are added to this site on the first and third Monday of each month. The site also offers columns and an extensive archive of material ( (NOTE: On my most recent check, the index page wasn't working properly, but internal pages were.)

A huge collection of links, plus critique groups, editing and tutorial services, and a free newsletter.

Writer Gazette, The
Free newsletter and huge collection of articles.

Writer's Center, The
Useful artilces, plus a dictionary of basic writing/publishing terms.
Classes, workshops, a message forum, fun quizzes, a monthly newsletter, and other resources.

Writers Crossing
Columns, markets, articles and more for freelance writers

The Writers Home
Articles, resources, and humor about the writer's life.

The Writer's Life
Offers articles, interviews, market guidelines, links, an e-group, and a free newsletter.

Writers Resource Centre
Loads of articles on the business and craft of writing, plus job openings and more.

Writers Write
Links, guidelines, publisher information, and more. Unfortunately, this site no longer seems to be regularly maintained, though it is still useful.

WriteDirections How-To Articles
A variety of useful articles, with an emphasis on promotion and business.

Writing Full Time: A User's Guide, by Robert Weinberg
A look at some statistics about publishing and writing for a living.

Writing with Writers
This site from Scholastic Press offers free "workshops" presented by well-known authors on a variety of types of children's writing.

Yudkin, Marcia
Author Marcia Yudkin describes her list of articles as "The Net's Most Useful Collection of Free Advice on Getting Published and Making a Living as a Writer."

Zuzu's Petals
Offers "10,000 links" to writers' resources, including newspapers, libraries, publishing directories, writers' organizations, small presses and more.

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