Dec. 2003

"Looks like you guys are trying something special? Good luck and I'll keep checking back."

Jan. 2004

"You seem to be really dedicated to building a good & very different site."

Feb. 2004

"I love how you have integrated Betty Byers into your site."

March 2004

"I like your style Banyon, it's about time someone did this because they enjoy it and not just for the money. Your enjoyment and love of authors shows. Good luck."

"When will you be adding new authors?"

April 2004

"I love how you've made major changes to the layout."

"My sales have skyrocketed - thanks Banyon." Betty Bradford Byers

May 2004

"You guys are really making a big effort of late, I see so many additions and improvements."

"Change is good, keep up the FREE offers."

June 2004

" Thank you for forwarding the links to your website. I've taken a look at them and they look very nice indeed." Quote from a major Publisher.

"Wow! What a change - I see you are adding new authors and expanding your services - it just keeps getting better. When will we see more authors joining you? Most of the author's sites I've visited are so limited. I love the new colors and layout. Kudos for the design! I've seen some of your advertising and can see it pays to make yourself known. Good luck, you're on the right track for sure."

"How do you make changes so quick? I love it!"

July 2004

"I love the changes and what you are trying to do for authors. America must return to reading and you're on the right track to take them there."

August 2004

"I see there's no end to your innovations? Your News section is truly informative and I visit it regularly for insight into our 'state of affairs' as consumers. You are even-handed and yet provocative."

September 2004

"One day Banyon will be considered one of the true trail blazers of the self-publishing writing world. You've got my vote."

October 2004

"Banyon is a website with a heart and a conscience."

November 2004

"Banyon you are an innovator for sure."

December 2004

"All the best for an even more delightful new year."

January 2005

"You are a site with integrity for sure!."

February 2005

"You've got some great contributing writers."

March 2005

"Your sister-site (http://www.self-publishinghelp.com/) is terrific!"

April 2005

"Better & better!"

May 2005

"Thank you for your contribution to the writer's world."

June 2005

"You're simple, easy to understand and without the arrogance of most websites for writers."

Dear Readers:
Banyon Publishing thanks all of the persons who were kind enough to offer a vote of support over the past 2 years. We won't be listing any future testimonials - we're blushing with pride and don't want to get a big head.
Again, our thanks.

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