What is "The Banyon Network"
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Banyon Publishing has formed a community of diverse authors from throughout the world (yes 'world'), who are all self published and probably not by Banyon. It is our goal that these authors have a central place to gather, beyond the confines of their websites. A place where they can be seen, discovered and hopefully grow. A 'link'--ing location designed to increase their sales (albeit their sales will likely take place from their websites and elsewhere) and their identity. Yes, a true author's community is what this is all about! So stay tuned and help us give a big Banyon welcome to the authors we are all waiting to meet.
Thank You.

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If you find that an author's website link no longer is available, may we suggest that you can often locate the author's book(s) by Googling the book and or author. Unfortunately many self-published author's just do not receive enough traffic, which can result in sales, and they give up on maintaining a website. We have tried to address this common problem with the following company (so click on the blinking notice below for more info). Thank you for visiting us.


Introducing Our Authors...

Betty Bradford Byers
Visit with Betty Bradford Byers, Banyon Publishing's "Resident Author & Published Columnist" and the talent who inspired the formation of this company.
(click Here for: Books by Betty Byers Photo Exhibit)

Tony VanSluytman, LCSW
An author who is also a practicing Psychotherapist. He introduces us to Ackee, a wonderful character and the central figure in his soon to be released "The Ackee Chronicles." Two of his stories are FREE on Banyon for your reading pleasure.

Marilyn Lewis
Author of Child Care in America, she has devoted her life to children and the type of care they receive. Marilyn is an author, inventor, vocalist and in general, a most talented lady. Her book, "Child Care in America" is a free download on her website.

Victor W. Pearn
Victor W. Pearn is the author of Devil Dogs and Jarheads, a collection of poems describing the culture of the U. S. Marine Corps during the war in Viet Nam, published by Michael Cooper, at Buscainc.com. And poems from that book have been read four times by Garrison Keillor on his APM broadcast of “The Writer’s Almanac.”

Burt Richards
Author, Actor, Showman, Expert on the Stars and INNER-VIEWS with CELEBRITIES resident interviewer.

Dr. Idelia P. Phillips
Dr. Phillips' favorites are romantic intrigue and romantic suspense. As an author she likes to write factual fiction --- or novels with a "scientific" or "technical" backdrop.

Stephen P. Byers aka The Book Doctor
Mr. Byers a.k.a. "The Book Doctor" is a retired author and a Banyon Publishing weekly columnist. His Creative Writing Workshops have been presented nationally.

Benito Pastoriza Iyodo
Banyon Publishing proudly introduces the internationally acclaimed Benito Pastoriza Iyodo, an award-winning author from Puerto Rico.

Archbishop Bruce J. Simpson, OSJB
A man born of an act of violence who grew up as a gay man to become an Archbishop in the Old Catholic Church in America. His theology and beliefs fly in the face of most traditions and governmental positions.

Lillian Cauldwell
Author, Radio Talk Show Host, Columnist and Speaker...she tirelessly advances the cause of published authors or writers.

Robert Lundy
Western Novelist, Furniture Craftsman and Wood Carver, Bob Lundy is a man of great talent and experience. Take an opportunity to learn more about the man who follows in the path of the great western storyteller Louis L'Amour.

Connie Gotsch
Connie Gotsch is the author of the suspense/thriller e-novel SNAP ME A FUTURE, and the mainstream/romance e-novel POD, A MOUTH FULL OF SHELL

Shara Rendell-Smock
Award-winning author of Hooking the Reader: Opening Lines that Sell

Wanda Louella Robinson
Banyon welcomes this talented author of short stories and poems, and invites you to visit her Works by Louella.

April Star
Banyon welcomes April Star...in her own words: "A mystery writer, I decided, can be better defined as a paid and legal hit man."

Anita Davis-DeFoe
Banyon welcomes author Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe...in her own words: “Woman are challenged daily in their personal lives and on their jobs. Based upon my own struggles and search for inner peace, I have discovered that it truly does begin with the woman within."

Gwyn Curby Godwin
I met her at a recent book signing and was quite impressed, so check her out.
Jay Johnson, Banyon Publisher

Richard Barrett
He's a New York City musician and songwriter who also produces music, in addition to his long standing interest in literary writing.

Lionel A. LaVergne
Wait until you see his website - Banyon was impressed! On completion of his first manuscript in 2003, titled Houston Beast, he sent it to a publisher and it was accepted. Two years later, in 2005 his second book Innocence Lost was published. He has since completed three more manuscipts and has three more in various stages of completion.

Sharon Bentley
Author of That Moment Sharon Bentley has often been called the incurable romantic. A native of Manchester, Jamaica, she attended Adelphi University in New York State and lives in Riverview, Florida with her family.

Brian Smith
Banyon Publishing is pleased to intruduce Brian Smith and his new book, "Losing Innocence". "Brian Smith has written an interesting story served up with a large dose of reality. If there are children involved, and you have been divorced, you will certainly identify with some of the same situations." Review by Donna Thompson

David S. Harkins
Better known as "The Story Teller" David is a truly unique person and once you get to know him I'm sure you will agree. His life is one of many challenges...here are a few lines from his Bio: "My story begins one cold winter night in early January of 1951 when I was conceived. You see I do believe I have had bipolar disorder since before birth."

Irene Watson
Banyon Publishing proudly introduces the author of The Sitting Swing, a compelling story about her journey of growing up in a semi-abusive home to accepting the experience as a path to a spiritual understanding of life.

W.R. Benton
He's a published Western Fiction author of six books. W.R.is now a freelance writer and award-winning cartoonist . He specializes in Country (Redneck) Humor and Wilderness Survival Writing.

Patricia O'Quin
Banyon welcomes book and short story author Patricia O'Quin (she's already published by Publish America).

Barbara Joe-Williams
She spends her spare time traveling as an inspirational speaker or conducting workshops on writing, publishing, and marketing. She has published two romance novels and a non-fiction book on self-publishing.

Cheryl Carpinello
Writes middle-grade fiction set in the days of King Arthur. First book is "Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend". Currently at work on next book set in the days of King Arthur. Has taught high school English for 20 years. Also works part time for a major airline.

Duane Keilstrup
Duane, who is Professor Emeritus at The University of Texas at Arlington, has authored many educational articles and been the editor of an international journal. His new book is basically the story of paths of joy on which his faith led him to travel, first, as a boy in Nebraska, then as a professor in Texas and in South Africa, and recently, in retirement, as a producer of shows on Internet radio about the golden age of radio and big bands. He includes life insights and an appendix of resources to enable readers to experience their own paths of joy.

Tony Nesca
Tony is the co-editor and writer of Screamin' Skull Press.

Nicole I-Nesca
Nicole is the co-editor and writer of Screamin' Skull Press.

E.M. Savage-Grey
E.M. Savage-Grey is a South Florida lawyer who traveled to London for this story.

Tamika L. Sims
Tamika is inspired by the writings of Eleanor Roosevelt, one of her favorite quotations is, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Judy Candis
Aug. 8, 1950 - Sept. 18, 2006    In Memory of Judy

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